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My Way Trumps Yahoo! Ways to Save Money from ATM Thieves

Updated on July 16, 2010

First allow me to say this, I know some people think that ways to save money has everything to do with getting the best bargain on a product or service. WRONG! Time to expand your mind. An article on Yahoo! Finance caught my attention. Well, not the article per say. But the headline on Yahoo's front page did that read something along the lines of tricks that thieves use to get your money at ATM machines.

Initially, I wasn't going to click on it. I was just going to bookmark it in my 'Interesting Headlines' bookmark folder for a later read on some day. I did bookmark it but I decided to click on it and see what the Yahoo!-paid (I guess) writer had to say about the topic. Now I did skim the article. So to summarize what could be categorized as their ways to save money or to help you save your money from thieves while adding my two cents is that basically the writer goes into how you can protect yourself at ATMs by doing the following below.

Save Money All About Location, Location, Location

Don't go to just any old random ATM machine, pick the ones you are used to going to, but at the same time don't go to those ATM locations often. I know it may sound contradicting. But here's the thing: frequent it too much and someone sitting on that location (staking out the place) will determine your "schedule" and know when the best time is to get you. So if you're going to go to the same locations, keep the visits random.

In addition, you will most certainly want to have a look at your surroundings where the ATM of your choice is located. I don't think I need to go into why. Just do it and you'll be glad you did.

Hide Pass Codes from Prying Eyes to Save Your Money

When you have chosen an ATM to go to, always, always, always hover your hand over the buttons as you are punching in your pass code. I know that you know that you don't have to be up on a person to see what they are punching in with the way technology has advanced and still advancing. Heck all a person need is to zoom in on their camera phone. Now I don't know if any camera phones are that high powered when it comes to zooming in. But I am certain that if a thief is out to get your pass code by being as discreet as possible, then s/he will create such a gadget or get a camera that looks like an iPod (they do exist, I have one) and you wouldn't have any idea that it's a camera while they are taping you punch in your pass code that you chose to NOT cover up while doing it. And they can go back to other old things like binoculars while sitting in their car look at you and all that approach the ATM machine they are hitting up. And if you think you aren't a target, then well you just keep right on not covering up your pass code while you are at an ATM machine. As a matter of fact, no point in you reading my comments. The Yahoo! article went into some reason why you should cover it up but I don't remember why. I'm just rambling on right now. But seriously, you shouldn't need a reason why. Just do it and you'll be glad you did. It's good advice.

Stand Guard on Your Account

Constantly keep tabs on your account. In other words, monitor it. You don't have to be all paranoid and checking it every single minute to see if any thief has taken some money out of your bank account. But check it regularly so you know whether or not something bad is going on in your account that you may not be aware of. Just keep tabs on it. Ok?! You'll be glad you did. You can check your card balance in a variety of ways. Some companies allow you to log into your account online, call in, send a SMS message, or do a walk-in and check your balance.

The Best Way of the Many Ways to Save Money From ATM Thieves

Now this is a bit longer than I expected it to be. I really was only going to write a couple of paragraphs. But now that I've summarized the Yahoo! writer's suggestions and adding my elaborate and smart remarks, I need to tell you the BEST way to avoid thieves from robbing you specifically at ATM machines from any of the hidden cameras they may have put on the machine or whatever else. Are you ready for it?


Now wasn't that simple?! I wonder why the Yahoo! writer didn't mention that tip. See, I told you my way would trump Yahoo!'s ways to save money from ATM thieves. And the tripped out thing is, that writer named like four but none of them are the best way. My way is by far the best advice you could ever get on the matter. Numero uno! In addition, I'd like to add: Plan ahead and always go in to your bank to make a withdrawal. But only use my advice if you wish to avoid thieves who specialize in ATM robbery.


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