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MyLikes Scam- Stay away from this rotten site

Updated on September 5, 2015

For regular readers, you'll know that I like to show people how to make a little bit of money on the internet. My view is that since you've already paid for the internet connection, you may as well make money off of it.

So, with me always having a keen eye on new ventures on the internet, I stumbled across a site called MyLikes (I'm not going to even link to them, on the part that it's run by scum). Now, calling them scum might seem a bit harsh, but soon you'll find out why. Anyway, the site involves you making videos talking about new products. You then load it on YouTube through their site and every time it's watched you get paid.

This sounds pretty good right? I thought so too, so I signed up and went for it. I've got a pretty strong social network that my video can be posted onto, so I did it (which is what the site owners suggest you do) and in 2 days I brought in 5,990. Whilst this isn't on par with some of the hardcore YouTubers, I was pretty impressed with this.

Initially, MyLikes agreed with my views. However, when I hit 3,000, they said they were only going to pay for 260 of them.Then, when my view count hit 5,990, it said that the video was disapproved. Now the money that I should have received £80.50 (when converted from USD). However, my view is that they simply didn't want to pay money, since they've been paid by the adviser and didn't want to pass on the rewards to me.

Their view is that the views are from illegitimate sources. Now, I would never use this technique since it would severely damage the integrity of my YouTube account, in which I've already got a pretty popular video that brings in a tidy sum of views each day. After trying to reason with them, I got no response.

Is it fair that I've lost out on just over £80 thanks to illegal company practises? No, of course it isn't. I would strongly suggest that anyone that wants to make money online, they should stay away from MyLikes. I'm not the only one that's had this problem. Google the title of this Hub and you'll find 378,000 hits for this topic. It appears that when you start making decent money, the scrub out your account so they keep all the profit.

It is just me, or does this sound so immoral? Everyone is feeling the pinch just now financially and sites like this give people false hope. I'll admit that I really was lured in by it, before checking if the site was legitimate, and watching the my view count rise as each person watched my video was truly exhilarating. What wasn't exhilarating though was the bump back down to Earth when I realised that I had been duped, big time!

Of course, if anyone from MyLikes reads this and would like to discuss this further, then they can get me through this Hub. Please be vigilant though, folks, and stay the heck away from this shoddy, underhand, scummy website. Also, please retweet, pin, and share on your Facebook page to spread the word about MyLikes.

Update- I tried to log onto my account just now, and was welcomed with the screenshot posted below. I've put a black cross against the criteria for the locked account that doesn't apply to me. Yep, that's right, they've locked my account for no good reason, aside for the fact that I'm openly complaining about their site.

Oh, and this Hub is on page 1 of Google so it's not as if they couldn't see it. It's even more clear now that MyLikes truly is a scam website.

If you truly want to make money online, you can do so via HubPages.


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