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NSA Personal Identity Redistribution Program

Updated on November 26, 2013

We Know Who You Are And We Know What You Are Thinking.

The NSA can reconstruct your entire electronic/ communications and financial history what they call the "Time Machine."! The agency , if it goes rogue is extremely dangerous because they already have a personal identities reconstruction and redistribution division known as W.A.U (We Are You.) The agency knows all of your pin numbers, has your voice recording , your bank known telephone number...s , your credit card identifiers, you passwords for everything and they can reassign all of your assets electronic and otherwise to whom ever they want so long as they legally take your name and congress maybe working to enable such redistributions of identities tricked in to voting for laws that are unfortunately called "open access" and net neutrality. To combat that you need to make copies of everything and keep copies of everything in physical form but beware the courts might only accept the replacement redistribution recipients of your identity as the rightful owners. Remember you elected lawyers to become your representatives and president. All they need to get with making members fortunes of the Walmart Walton family members of Obama's administration who need 20 billion dollars or more each is reassign the identities the way corporations become people in court. You prove who you are if you local DMV reassigns your identity and the US passport office does the same. It is simple and dangerous. This administration promised redistribution and one day you will wake up and you will no longer have your name , job, finances even your social security....someone else will. How do you defend yourself and get it back not without upsetting the police state.

The NSA has already quietly stolen the identities of thousands of people. Some were the garden variety internet id thefts , the biggest ones were in the middle east where well to do people actually disappeared and were replaced in new locations and the latest has been to steel the identity of an elderly loner billionaire in the USA which they use to spend lavishly on the secret inner department folks who are now flying their own private jets in his name and in the name of children of his that were never born. Nancy Reagan may have also been replaced with an impostor using her name and milking her bank accounts according to Al the Chimpanzee.

That clock in the lobby of NSA headquarters is not actually a clock it is the real time heart beat of Dick Cheney's pace maker.


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