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Need Help with Saving Money ?

Updated on August 8, 2011

Teach children to save

Do you use a money box ?
Do you use a money box ?

Saving Money

Some find it really easy to save money while many others struggle with it , spending money on unneccesary items & treats so they can never afford such things as a holiday .

What you need in this case is a goal to work to so you have a good reason to save and cut back.

Say you really want to go on a cruise (or other holiday , maybe buy a car or have a shopping spree) -- and you know you need $3000 for your cruise and spending money .

The cruise is in 12 months.

Divide $3000 into the 12 months first by months which is $250 a month then weekly - $57 a week which is about roughly $8.50 a day.

Idealy work on saving $10 a day.

Now think about how much you spend on buying lunches , coffee during the week at $3,70 a cup !

Work out what you can do without during the week , maybe a magazine or takeaway meal so you can have your holiday !

Open A special Account for Savings

 Go to your bank or credit union and open a special account for your savings . You could have a set amount transferred from your pay each week so you don't have to see it first !

You might want to use a money box for coins then bank the money when it is full.

Ways to save money

Join a library and read books, newspapers and magazines for free .

A newspaper a day costs about $1.30 x 7 =$9.10 a week

2 magazines a week is about $10

Save on lunches and coffee. Take lunch from home.

Have coffee at work or take a flask.

Meet friends at a park with your own morning tea rather than a coffee shop.

Instead of a meal out have a BBQ or a Group Buffet where everybody brings food to share.

Instead of paying $16 a person to watch a movie share a video at home , 5 people you save at least $70 !

That is a big saving !

3 coffees a week is at least $12

Average sandwhich to buy is $6.50

Cook your own delicious meals !

Save on buying takeaway food .
Save on buying takeaway food .

More ways to save money

For short trips save on petrol by walking or using a push bike . It is good exercise as well saving you money by not using a gym !

Use E bay or a local op shop for buying items you need like china, glasses clothing etc.

There are some great shops like Good Sammys where they have tops for $2,50, shoes at good prices ,books etc.

When food shopping buy in bulk and watch out for good specials . I bought a lamb roast for $10 marked down from $16 the other day ! Taste good and did us for 2 meals !

Discount Coupons

Keep an eye open when shopping for specials.

Often your supermarket will have good deals like buy one get one free for coffee somewhere or a restaurant meal on the back of their dockets !

There was one for a free massage in Perth recently I meant to use !

You can get some good bargains if you are looking for them.

Look for discount sites online as well.


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