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Need to Raise Money? Consider a Fundcraft Cookbook

Updated on March 13, 2011

Are you looking for a unique fundraiser for your favorite nonprofit organization? Why not ask the members of your group to contribute their best recipes to a custom cookbook that your group can sell to raise money? If you have people in your organization who enjoy cooking, it's a safe bet that they'll be thrilled to contribute a few recipes to the book. After all, what cook doesn't like the idea of seeing his or her name and top dishes in print?

Fundcraft Can Help

Publishing a cookbook might seem daunting at first thought, but it's not difficult at all if you enlist the services of a professional publishing company. If you like the idea of a cookbook fundraiser, it's a good idea to check out the services that Fundcraft provides to charitable organizations that wish to raise money in this manner. Fundcraft has been in the business of publishing cookbooks for fundraisers for over a century, so the organization definitely has a history of success with these types of projects.

Getting Started with Your Cookbook Project

With Fundcraft, you don't have to know anything about book publishing to create your own fundraising cookbook. All you need to do is gather the recipes that will go in your book. Fundcraft will handle the rest. Your group will be able to choose from among more than 100 full-color cover designs that can be customized with your own text. If you want to do so, you can also create your own cover design. The finished product will be a professional publication that is personalized for your organization.

Because Fundcraft has so much experience working with nonprofits, the company understands the budget limitations faced by charitable organizations. Although many publishing companies require payment in full before going to publication, Fundcraft does not have the same requirement. Instead, nonprofits are required to pay half of the cost of publication 37 days after shipment, with the remaining balance being due 30 days following the due date for the first payment.

It generally takes between four and six weeks for an organization's cookbooks to be printed once everything is turned in to the publisher and all of the printing decisions have been made. Once your books are printed, your order will be shipped to you and you will be able to market them however you see fit to raise money for your group. They'll also be available for purchase via, a website that features all of the community oriented cookbooks published by Fundcraft.


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