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Never Miss a deal again: CraigNotifica for Android Phones notifies you of deals you want!

Updated on July 16, 2011


Ever tried to look for something, and you search through Craigslist, found what you thought to be the perfect item, but when you call, the item's already sold/taken/whatever?

It will NOT happen again if you have CraigNotifica, a new free app for Android phones! (including the Motorola Droid). It is not just a searcher, or phone interface to the Craigslist site, it is a smart filter that will search the site and notifies you when deals are found!

REVIEWED PLATFORM: Motorola Droid running Android 2.1-update1

Setting Up Is Easy

If you have an Android phone (such as Motorola Droid), just download CraigNotifica from the App Market and run it.

First thing you need to do is to setup the region and subregions.

For example, in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can define a lot of sub regions, such as city of San Francisco, peninsula, south bay, east bay, north bay, and so on. Define all the "regions" you may be interested in, both overall, and the subregions. You will need them later.

Then, decide what you want to look for. Say, you want to buy a desktop PC, maximum price $500. Add a filter, under "for sale", keywords "desktop PC", and max price of $500. Also click on region button if you want to ignore certain regions, like maybe you will go south but not east, and so on. Or maybe you just want to search within the city. Pick the regions you *do* want to include, uncheck those that you do not.

Hit save, and that's it. You can set the program to update every 20 minutes if you want, but every 30 minutes or every hour is recommended. The program will periodically check the listings for your filter contents. If it sees something you want, it'll let you know! Then you can view the ad itself, mark it read, delete it from memory, mark it favorite to be checked later... all up to you.

Other uses on Craigslist

Personal Ads

CraigNotifica works for personal ads! Instead of periodically scan the listing for people who may meet your fancy, have the program notify you when a new listing fits YOUR criteria!

Want to meet a Latina between 25-30 year old? Or a SWM who likes light rock and cooking? It all can be done! Remember, being first does count!

Job Searches

CraigsList is one of the better job boards available, so why not have a program scan it for new jobs that suits you, instead of you searching for the jobs? No problem there! Want a job in a certain region or subregion, jobs involving programming, retail, or whatever keywords you can come up with. Short term, long term, or just a gig, you can find it with Craignotifica.

Being first to respond can make a great impression!

Search for Housing

Need to rent a room? An apartment? Find a roommate? All can be done through CraigNotifica. Define a filter, region, price range, keywords, and you got it piped to you three times per hour. No more "wait until end of day and sorry, already rented" problem!

And everything else!

If it's an ad on Craigslist, you can define a filter for it with CraigNotifica!  With Craignotifica, you will never miss another deal on Craigslist!


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