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New Uses For Household Items!

Updated on May 23, 2017

New Uses For Old Things!

New Uses For Drinking Straws


Alternative Uses For Straws!

You can use straws for more than just drinking!

Here are just a few of the uses I have found:

1. Use straws for crafts.

2. Use drinking straws to core strawberries. Cut off the top of the strawberry and push the end of the straw through the middle of the strawberry (from top to bottom). The core will come right out!

3. Use drinking straws to keep foods fresher for longer. When storing food in a storage bag, sip it most of the way until there is just enough room to put a straw in. Suck the air out through the straw then remove the straw and close the bag quickly. The less air there is inside the bag, the longer the food inside will last and the less chance it will have of getting frostbitten.

4. Use a drinking straw to fix the string that goes through a hoodie. Pull the string through the straw and tape the end of the string to the straw. Slide the straw and string through the hoodie hem until it has gone all the way through. It's an easy fix!!!

Repurpose Your Used Items!


Alternative Uses For Toothpaste

Have you ever used toothpaste to do one of the following?

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Other Uses For Toothpaste!

Did you know that you could use non-gel toothpaste for things other than brushing your teeth? You can!

Here is a list:

1. Get rid of pimples. Before you go to bed at night, put a dab of non-gel toothpaste on your pimple. Go to bed with the toothpaste on. In the morning, you should notice that the pimple has gotten smaller or even gone away!

2. Soothe bug bites. Rub a dab on your itchy bug bite for quick relief.

3. Brighten jewelry. Coat jewelry with toothpaste and wipe dry with a cloth to shine.

4. Get rid of odors. Rub toothpaste on hands after working with garlic or onions to remove the smell.

5. Clean tennis shoes. Scrub the white leather with toothpaste and an old toothbrush to make them brighter.

6. Remove water rings on wood furniture. Rub the toothpaste into the wood with a soft cloth and then use a dry cloth to rub the toothpaste in circles until it is gone.

7. Remove ink stains from hands. Wash your hands with toothpaste and water to remove ink stains from skin.

New Use For Skis!


New Uses For Baby Wipes!


Great Uses For Baby Wipes!

Having two young children, I found that baby wipes can be used on more than just a babies bum.

Here are a few different ways you can use baby wipes:

1. Add shine to leather products. Any leather products you can think of, a baby wipe will shine and clean! I have used baby wipes to clean and shine leather shoes, couches, leather seats in the car, purses and leather gloves.

2. Clean your cellphone. Wipe down your cellphone with a baby wipe to get rid of sticky messes and wipe germs away. Be careful not to get the screen too wet though.

3. Dust furniture. In a hurry, wipe a baby wipe across tables, shelves and counters to dust and clean them.

4. Clean spots out of carpets. Baby wipes sometimes work better than carpet cleaner! I have used baby wipes to clean dry spots of the carpet with success!

5. Use as hand wipes. When your child has sticky hands or has been in a germy area, wipe their hands with baby wipes!

6. Wipe off a dogs muddy paws. If your dog comes in with some mud on their paws, wipe them down with baby wipes so they don't spread the dirt across the house.

Save Money By Repurposing Your Old Household Items!


Five Ways To Use Old Newspaper!

New Uses For Newspaper!

Have you ever wondered what to do with your old newspaper? Besides recycling it, old newspapers have many good uses around the house.

Here are a few:

1. Wrap a gift with it. Use a fun section like the Comics section.

2. Dry shoes. If you leather shoes are wet, crumple up some newspaper and place it inside your shoe overnight. It will help soak up the moisture.

3. Keep the produce bin clean. Line the bottom of the produce bin and change the paper out regularly to keep the bin clean.

4. Keep frost off your windshield. Layer a few sheets over your windshield the night before a frost. Use the wipers to hold the paper down. Remove the newspaper in the morning and you will not have ice on your windshield!

5. Eliminate odors. Ball up a few small pieces of newspaper and place inside plastic food containers. Leave them there overnight with the lids closed. You shouldn't have any odors in the morning!

I Can Do What With Tinfoil? Sharpen Scissors!

Do you have a pair of dull scissors lying around your house? Here is an quick, easy and cheap tip you can use to sharpen your scissors with an item you can find around your house.

When you have dull scissors, grab a piece of tin foil! Use the scissors to cut a few strips of tin foil from the sheet. Voila! You should have sharp scissors again!

There is no need to throw out your old scissors anymore. No more dull blades and no need to go out and buy a scissor sharpener. It is quick, easy and cheap!


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    • old albion profile image

      Graham Lee 19 months ago from Lancashire. England.

      Hi caseymel. Well done. A top class hub in presentation and content. I have saved it for my family reference. Tip top.


    • caseymel profile image

      caseymel 3 years ago from Indiana

      Thanks for the tip! I love finding different ways to use things!

    • B. Leekley profile image

      Brian Leekley 3 years ago from Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

      Up, Useful, and Interesting.

      When I was a used books dealer, some thrift shops would put their prices on the dust jackets of books with a marker. When I bought such books for resale, I'd get those off with Avon Skin So Soft.

      I have a book called SALT, LEMONS, VINEGAR, AND BAKING SODA by Zukowski that has hundreds of uses for those products.

    • caseymel profile image

      caseymel 4 years ago from Indiana

      Thanks lesliebyars!

    • profile image

      lesliebyars 4 years ago


      These are some great ideas for common household items. I would have never thought to use aluminum foil to sharpen scissors. I voted up and useful.