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Savior of the Monetary chaos emerges out of the NWO.

Updated on August 8, 2013

Apocalyptic Vision.

The new monetary system of the world, is coming to pass. Money has become obsolete and the world's governments are working feverously to bring about the new world order (NWO).

Behind the scenes is the "illuminati", with one money system as one of its goals.

The currency of the world is going to crash and burn.

Your money will be worthless, and without value. On the other hand, your debt will be real and it will be impossible to pay back your debt and bonds, without conforming to this new world order. Money is created with the value of gold that your country posessess and if you cannot print money without it. Your gold and your money will become obsolete. This is what has happened and is still happening as you read this article.

What is going to happen?

Immediately as the entire world's economy crashes, a new monetary system will be implemented, it will be an electronic driven system operated with credit, almost the same as a credit card. in all transactions, you will be paid in Credits.

The banks does not want your house or car that you are indebted for. Millions will be in debt to the world bank. There will also be no buyers or sellers because money will be worthless.


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But how could he get control over you if you take the chip?

It will be great, in the beginning; you go shopping with no money, paying with a swipe of your hand. Your card would not get lost and you don’t have to carry anything with you. We have become lazy. He has already tested this principle on us, to see if it will work.

Almost every person on earth has a cell phone and for years he has been listening and learning human behavior, watching our every move.

He will start enforcing new rules and regulations on the world’s nations after most have been marked with his chip. If you do not obey his commands, he will stop your chip, no more buying or selling. He could stop you from eating, traveling or working, by stopping your livelihood.

When this is all in place, he will force you to go worship him, where and when, he wants. He will rule the earth and its governments, its army’s and the wealth and humanity itself. He will decide if you get medical care and what food, clothes you could or could not have.

As you can see this will bring humanity into total slavery.

This will be our darkest hour and it will be stopped only by intervention from Above.

Beware of a lack of knowledge about what is to come upon this earth in these last days.

Your soul is at stake!!!

So what are they going to do?

They (the NWO) are going to offer you a way out. It is going to be a simple solution.

They are going to tell you that out of past experiences, the world economy will pick itself up again in the near future, till then, they are going to tell you, that for them not to forget what you owe them, they are going to implant a chip into your left hand or forehead.

A Credit card or bank card, they will say could be lost or stolen, so the solution will be a micro-chipimplanted into your body as it will be a safe and foolproof system.

On this chip will be all the info that they need, as to what you owe and everything else concerning you, medical, wills, address, workplace, education, ect. through the chip, when the economy recovers, you could pay them back.

Some will oppose this concept, so they will go a step closer to their destruction and they will lure you to take this chip, by telling you if you take this chip, all your debt will be cleaned, forgotten, washed away, you will start afresh, as the economy of the world recovers. Your first salary will be paid in as credits, and you will have your salary for yourself.

It will be almost as the words of Jesus the Messiah; I will wash away all your sin! The NWO will wash away all your debt.

The person that take away the debt of the world will be the new messiah of the world, overnight.

He has taken away the problems of the World, because everything revolves around money. He has taken away the burden of debt. He will tell you, if you take his way out, no more debt, freedom and a new start, but this is a lie.

If you do not take his way out, well, you will be in jailed or living as an homeless on the streets of the world or worse you will be killed, because you will be seen as the reason for jeopordizing the workings of the ultimate solution.

If you take his way out, you will be selling your freedom; your soul is at stake. He doesn’t care about your debt or what you owe the bank, he wants control over your life.

The money masters - Rothschild mafia ....!


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