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No More UP Rewards at Rite Aid; Welcome to Plenti

Updated on June 3, 2016

Plenti Points

As I have recently returned to HubPages, I felt it was only fair to my readers to write an article, updating you on Rite Aid's rewards program policies. Rite Aid used to have something called "UP Rewards," but as of about one to two years ago, Rite Aid has done away with the "UP Rewards," and implemented a different rewards program, called "Plenti." What's neat about Plenti is that it is actually a consortium between several different stores, and it, surprisingly, even showed up on one of my non-store bills (when I was paying it online)!

How it Works

"Plenti" points are accumulated in the same manner as the old "UP" rewards were acquired; you earn a certain amount of points on special products of the week. These "point sales" are usually advertised in Rite Aid's weekly flyer. If you also use coupons, and add them to these special sales, you can really catch a great deal!

What is the true difference between "UP" and "Plenti?"

What I love about Plenti is that I can earn points at one store (such as Rite Aid), and cash them in at one of the other stores involved in the consortium (such as Macy's). I have found, though, that the earning of point value may vary between the different stores, so my suggestion is to investigate each store in the consortium, and to figure out in which store it is easiest to earn the points. If it is a store that you frequent, it may be best to earn your points there, and redeem them at a different store, that has a more difficult point-earning policy. Another thing to consider is that although one store may have an easier earning policy per dollar, you might be spending more on one purchase at the other store, in which you earn a lot of points (i.e. buying a sweater at Macy's), and then you will have points to get you the items you need at another store (such as Rite Aid).

What has remained the same at Rite Aid?

Rite Aid still has it's program (as long as you have a Plenti card) that tracks how much you have spent at its stores, and if you earn a certain amount of those points, you will still get either your 10 percent or 20 percent (Gold) discount on any full-priced items at Rite Aid. There are some exceptions, though, such as newspapers and medicine (you cannot use this discount on these items; you used to be able to use them on newspapers, but that also stopped about one year ago). This discount is a great deal, as sometimes, this discount is better than the sale prices!

Overall, I love Rite Aid! Sometimes, I feel as though I spend too much money there, but in reality, I would have ended up paying a much higher amount, had I either purchased my items at another store or not taken advantage of Rite Aid's rewards programs (as long as I remember to bring my coupons)! I would like to extend a sincere "thank you" to this store, for providing these programs.


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