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Old Age Homes in India: The Ugly Truth

Updated on November 27, 2016

Increase in Old-Age Homes

According to a research conducted by the United Nations Population Fund and HelpAge India, in 2011 there were close to 90 million senior citizens in India, with the number expected to increase to 174 million by the year 2026. Among the 90 million elderly people, 30 million are either living in old age homes, or desperately trying to earn a livelihood by doing odd jobs.

An article published by The Hindu suggests that there has been a 69% increase in the number of old-age homes in the state of Kerala, which sadly makes Kerala the leader of old-age homes!

In India, parents are considered as Gods. The values and traditions embedded in our culture teach us that it's an immoral act to disobey your parents. Still, there are some fringe elements in our society that not only disrespect the divine ideologies, but stoop down to such a level, that it brings tears on your eyes.

Isn't it strange that people who are not related to deprived senior citizens feel the pain and misery they are going through at old-age homes, whereas their own family members who share the same DNA with them are not even in the least bothered about their existence?

Respect for your parents should come from within. It cannot forced or instigated by any means. When we were kids, our parents did each and everything within their capacity to ensure that we turn out to be good and worthy human beings, ignoring our naughty escapades, and sometimes even pulling us up when required. So, when it's our turn to take care of them, how can we be so indifferent and apathetic towards them?

The Main Reason

From a numerical perspective; out of 10 elderly couples in India, 6 are forced to fend for themselves by their own children! Mentally traumatized and emotionally shattered - they don't have anywhere to go, but old-age homes.

An article published by Youth Ki Awaaz stated that nearly 40% of elderly people living in their families are allegedly facing some form of domestic violence. But shockingly, only a mere 5% cases are brought to light. While some senior citizens just bear with all the atrocities, some are blatantly forced to enter old-age homes. This is exactly why pension plans are so significant these days.

A Times of India report revealed that there are no stringent policies to ensure whether these homes are functioning properly or not. Some important factors which contribute to their smooth functioning are; infrastructure, nutritious and healthy meals, skilled workforce, pleasant environment, interactive games, etc.

The Solution

There are lots of families who do take good care of their parents in their golden years. But unfortunately, there are some douchebags who cause disgrace to our society. (Sad that they're living amongst us.)

With the surge in nuclear families and the rising number of elderly people in India, old-age homes will continue to be advertised in a glorious way! But to ensure that you don't face such an agonizing situation in the future, pension plans prove to be boon.

These plans ensure your financial independence post retirement, say experts at Birla Sun Life Insurance. They are considered as the greatest support-system for all senior citizens who have worked relentlessly throughout their lives while performing the arduous task of bringing up their children.

Opting for a pension plan is one solution. For those of you who have already compromised with fate, try to derive happiness out of helping others. The euphoria and satisfaction one gets out of helping the needy is simply unparalleled.

Clearly, it might sound easier said than done; but if destiny has chosen another path for you, it's best to go with the flow and keep the radiance in your face alive.


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