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Article Writing, Content Writing and Blog Writing: How to Make Money Fast and Earn Money Online for the Entrepreneur

Updated on September 2, 2019
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Fernando has been blogging for 3 years. He currently holds an associates degree in applied mathematics from College of the Desert.

Let me ask you a question you've probably heard before: are you a follower or a leader?

Okay, maybe that was a strong question, how about this: are you more comfortable working under the authority of someone else or do you, most of the time, prefer dictating your own plan of action?

Ladies and gentlemen, before I go on to explain entrepreneurship online let me go ahead and tell you that I am not an expert. I am merely a college student with lots of experience blogging and, frankly, a lot of time well spent researching various topics in the financial field. Thanks to my time spent researching, I've learned a lot about how badly people are getting ripped off of being able to receive the true value for the work they put in.

Look, so if you're like most people, you have a job that is either paying minimum wage or they're not treating you the way you want to be treated. You can't complain about your hourly pay but it just doesn't feel worth the effort, really. I get you, and I know where you're coming from. I'm here to tell you that you don't have to suffer anymore.

I'm not telling you that you could find a permanent fix to that problem overnight, no. I'm merely explaining the process of cultivating your own work life through your own means of entrepreneurship.

Growing money outside into a tree
Growing money outside into a tree

Ladies and gentleman, if you are like most, if not all, people that are only paid for what they work. I'm sure you understand how frustrating it is to know you're stuck at a fixed rate of pay. This is bothersome for many because bills don't simply go away. In fact, as we move on and cultivate our own lives we begin to grow tired of the same old lifestyle.

There are may ways about this problem. You could obviously get a new job or try to get a raise. However, this isn't exactly possible for many. So, what should you do when the going gets tough?

The tough get going. You, sir and madam, are the tough ones. We are rough on ourselves by making ourselves believe we can't achieve financial stability. Of course, it isn't easy. It's one of the hardest challenges of being an adult.

We've all heard of investments, which are amazing since it's a concept of having your money grow for you. Interesting, isn't it? However, we don't all have the money needed in order to grow our money, in investments, to the amount that we want. The problem here is that we need quicker solutions. Although investing is great for retirement and long-term goals, it shouldn't be our only solution. After all, we are too young to be worrying about it right now.

If we can plant our money on the ground and put some water on it, we should be able to make it grow. Obviously this doesn't work in real life, but in the internet, it can. If the soil is the internet and our works are our seeds, it will grow.

Well, let's think about it. How can we achieve this, theoretically?

I am offering a long-term solution that will help virtually anyone and everyone, as long as they have the time and commitment to do it. So, let's get to it.

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Have you ever thought of becoming an entrepreneur?

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Writing Articles

This may be one of the easiest tasks you'll ever face and I'll explain why. For one, you don't need to be extremely educated or talented to start. It's usually helpful to have taken communication and/or language courses to start, but it's nothing you can't learn over time.

Before we move on with talking more in-depth of writing articles, let me explain a very important problem I see anywhere and everywhere, and please do take it as personal advice from me to you.

There are writers that exist in our world. Then, there are people who say they want to write but don't get anything down and, unfortunately, do not finish their projects. Ladies and gentleman, we don't want to be this group of people. We don't want to be failures who have started endless projects in order to end up failing on all of them. We are self-starters. We are motivated folks with a passion for getting our word out there. We want to become what we want to be, and say what we say.

One of the leading reasons writers don't end up finishing what they start is perhaps because they can't get their ideas on paper quick enough. Ultimately, they lose their ideas and their motivation to keep on writing. Listen, if you type 30 words per minute, that's great. That's probably a lot better than a lot of other people can type. However, good luck being able to keep all of your ideas in your head.

I mean, haven't you ever had that moment where you're trying to write an essay or some sort of extremely important paper for class and you end up forgetting what you are writing about? Or maybe, very rarely, you lose your train of thought and you give up on your paper? Yes, this is exactly what I'm referring to. This sort of road block will happen more occasionally for those folks that can't type quick enough to keep up with their thoughts. That's a major problem, and I would like to address that now before we go on. After all, this could become the best investment you'll ever make for yourself, as we need computers for virtually everything nowadays.

Therefore, in conclusion, I urge you to learn to type on a keyboard faster than you do now, and for a good reason. End of story. If you haven't hit 100 words per minute, you should keep improving. However, once you start hitting above 60 words per minute, you are good to continue writing. After all, it's better to be writing something than to be writing nothing at all, as creating projects is typing experience. Take it from me, as I have had a lot of experience coming up with articles and blogs, which in turn have given my fingers one hell of a warm-up over the years.

Writing articles definitely takes research, but it doesn't always have to be that way. After all, all of the information found inside your mind is usually all that you need. If you like writing about cars, go ahead and write about cars. Write about why you like cars, why you love them, why you dislike the fact that most cars are engineered to have very little room to repair them, and so on. Write whatever comes down in your mind, and try to make some structure in your writing. Keep it all organized, and you could make any paper into an article.

For those of you who have taken a music class or two, or even for those that listen to a lot of radio music, you'll probably have realized by now that there is a structure to music depending on its musical genre. However, for the case of my argument let me mention the fact that when you listen to a song for the first time, the catchiest part of the song will usually be the chorus. Am I right?

When you're writing articles on whatever your topic is, your main ideas are your chorus. I am not saying that everything else between the beginning, the chorus, and the end is completely garbage. No, I'm not saying that at all. What I'm trying to say is you will have a few main ideas for the whole article and you'll use the whole duration of the article in order to back up what you're saying. Think of it like a burger.

The Burger Structure of Article Writing

Juicy, fat burger
Juicy, fat burger

If you can cook a burger, you could definitely create an article today!

I know there are probably a few that have never made a burger, so for those unfortunate few, I will walk you through the process.

  1. Figure out your meat. For this first step, you need to find your topic. Don't be discouraged, as many people think of a subject but then end up feeling like it's a stupid one. If you down yourself for thinking about it, you won't get anything done.
  2. What kind of food do you want inside of your burger? This is where you will choose your ingredients, such as cheese, pickles, onions, tomatoes, secret sauce, and whatever you want. So you have your topic. It's time to figure out the main points that you want to convey, and so on. You'll want to jot all of these ideas down in order to help shape your work.
  3. Put it all between two sesame-seed buns. Put all of your work together between a beginning and an end. Introductions are easy to create, and so are conclusions. Everything between both intro and conclusion are the hardest to create because you need expertise or dedicated research in order to come up with ideas others can learn from. However, you ARE an expert in whatever you are passionate about. So, don't worry about it! This shouldn't be a problem!

If you pick yes to this question, you can most definitely write an article!

Can you cook burgers?

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Blog Writing

The reason I decided to leave the whole subject of blog writing 'for the end capsules' is because I find blogs and articles pretty similar. You have to write amazing articles for both, and there is one key difference, however.

When we talk about a blog, we mean the whole thing. The website, the blog, or whatever you want to call it. The whole pizza.

An article is only one pizza slice. Once you're able to write an article, you should be able to generate more articles which, over time, helps create the pizza.

This is where most people will go wrong. They don't understand how fundamental this approach is. You need to create amazing articles first, and then, once you're finished making a lot of them, you approach your website, or blog.

You want to make sure that your blog has a mission. For one, you don't want to create a website that is all about your rants or what you think about the world, especially if it isn't organized. If you're well-organized and you have a marketing statement or mission, go ahead. I ain't stopping you. However, time is money. Time is key. Money is limited. Therefore, try not to waste your time, especially when you end up realizing it isn't working out because there just isn't enough traffic or you can't keep people long enough to read until the end.

Content Writing

I'm not going to lie, I'm not the best content writer. However, I have realized, over the past few years to maybe even the past decade, that anyone can make or write content. Making content could simply mean synthesizing all of the ideas you have in your mind in order to create a final product. This could also mean taking a picture, believe it or not. After all, a picture can hold a thousand words.

However, there are times where you actually want to go into content writing. You want to write meaningful content that others will want to use and see. This, interestingly, is something every growing copywriter or individual needs to understand: you ARE valuable. All of the ideas in your mind are amazing, and you need to step up to your plate because you CAN create amazing content.

  • Therefore, just keep writing. Start writing. No matter in what place you are in right now, just keep writing. Trust me, in the end, it will be worth it.

I could be wasting your time right now by telling you how to start content writing. Or, interestingly, I could motivate you to start your own project today rather than telling you how to, step by step, approach this.

If you want to be original, don't follow others' advice. If you want to learn and survive in this world, make sure to follow these certain steps, as well:

  1. Keep word count above 1500 words.
  2. Add a lot of pictures. If you're having trouble doing this, find stock photos.
  3. Be an expert in what you're talking about. Notice how I said expert and not a grandmaster. We aren't talking about being able to live and die for a certain subject. I am not saying you should necessarily be breathing it in and out. All I'm saying is you should understand it at a basic level and be able to apply it at a high level.

That's honestly all you need to know from me for content writing. Of course, like I mentioned before, there is actually a final step, as always.

Watch Your Keywords

First of all, if you haven't already educated yourself in how keywords work, you should go to google's website, right at this moment, and type in the following keywords:

  1. food
  2. foods
  3. food lovers
  4. food love
  5. food lover

You'll notice all of these keywords have different search results. What does this tell you? Keywords are pretty important, to some extent.

However, we may be entering a digital age where you can't keyword your way into the top of the ranks. Time and time again, amazing articles and the best of the best have made it to the top of the ranks and are swarming in traffic in order to make money fast. This is great for those that are the CEO's and such. For us, that's not so good.

Why is it that these websites are up there? It's hard to say. A lot of detailed research suggests that it is almost impossible to understand everything there is to say about SEO Marketing and Keywords because google, for example, is constantly changing their system. To be exact, it changes almost 600 times a year. So, it's extremely hard to know just how well your blog, website, article, or even the content, will do. However, there is one factor that we still have on our side: keywords.

Whether you believe it or not, you NEED to research your keywords. You need to find out what 'hit' the most, and trust me: it will MAKE a difference. You will get more viewers per article, and you will get closer to your goals.

There's no point in delaying yourself from watching your keywords. After all, it's an easy way to make money, so you must go along with it.

Just trust me on this one, okay?

Last Step: Get Writing

Rolled Money
Rolled Money

If you haven't already gotten the gist of it, you need to start writing. And, most preferably, you should start writing now!

Writing is hard, but don't be hard on yourself. After all, it's your works. If you make an article today, it's yours forever, assuming nobody steals it. And, as I believe, it's a beautiful thing to be able to create content online for others to see.

I hope you found this information helpful. This article was created based on what I know and what I find to be true and helpful. Thanks for reading!

Nothing. Worth. Having. Comes. Easy.


© 2017 Ferny Vise


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