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Online Money Making Ideas: Write Less, Earn More

Updated on June 19, 2013

Some people just love writing.They can churn out hundreds of words or even thousands on daily basis. They can write articles, blog posts, reviews, stories, etc. and they can make a living out of their writing activity without any troubles. If you belong to this category, please forgive us for asking you to stop reading and look elsewhere, as there is no need for reading further.

However, if you don’t, if you find writing oftentimes a taxing experience though you feel there are some prospects of you upsetting the luck of the draw, then this article is definitely for you.

Occasional writers can still earn their dough from a combination of effort and inspiration. This sounds a bit pretentious. However, on closer inspection it isn’t at all. Tweeting for instance, can turn from a casual informative activity into a lucrative business if associated with the right sponsor. Funny Slogans which spring up in the middle of an inspirational moment can be very profitable as well. A short story you have written once and buried under a heap of sheet can be the next winner story in a fiction magazine contest.

The room for success in working online is not dependent on word count only. Regardless of the length of your writing, you can still succeed and break loose from the Almighty Google’s standards.

Sponsored Tweets

Sponsored tweets are the first contender to top the list. With a tweeter account and a small community around you, your daily casual tweets can generate profit in a way you never thought about. All you have to do is signing up with a good sponsored tweets service and connect with the advertisers. Then, you set the price for your tweets (which should be reasonable) while the advertisers pick up from the marketplace the best offers and profiles there to advertise their services and/or products.


The sponsored tweets don’t have to be hidden or misleading to your followers. Disclosure phrases can be used in any way you see fit, as long as it is clear to the reader that there is a commercial connection between you and the advertiser.

“Today’s tweets are sponsored by Acme. I totally dig their widget″

“Sponsored : Check out ACME widgets here″

In exchange of your sponsored tweets, you will start making money, but bear in mind, your Twitter account must be at least 60 days old, and have at least 50 followers and 100 status updates to be visible in searches to advertisers. However, advertisers can still explicitly make you offers.

The price you set up for sponsored tweeting has a minimum default price of $0.10 and differ markedly as it can go up from a couple of dollars for common people to thousands of dollars for celebrities, depending on the number of their followers (which can reach millions) and their social influence.


Writing slogans is fun and inspirational. A catchy phrase or sentence and you are done; it doesn’t take special skills to make a slogan and yet the best part of it is that it can be very profitable. Slogans likeThink Smallfor Volkswagen orSlightly ahead of its timefor Panasonic aren’t that hard to come up with if you have the knack for picking words that leave a strong impression.

Your slogan can be sold for $50 for companies likeEphemera .comwhich specializes in Novelty Buttons, Magnets, and Stickers. You may also try your luck with slogan contests or sign up for a crowd-sourcing slogan development service likeGetaSlogan.comorSloganSlingers.comwhere you respond to descriptive slogan offers from clients. The best rated slogan wins and gets paid. And since sloganeering is the skill of finding the right word for the right situation, you can apply this skill for an extra and get paid for suggesting the right domain name along with a slogan. This particular service is offered

Short Story Writing

If you have imagination in abundance and feel the need to put it in words, then why not write a short story. You can’t just do it for fun, but for cash, as well. Several fiction magazines will pay for your talent. Many of them organize contests around a topic or a prompt (which, by the way, can either be a sentence or a picture).The Writer’s Digest, one among the best in the field, has a wide range of contests revolving around crime, thriller, fantasy, etc stories. The maximum pay is an astounding $3000 for short-short story contest. The story must be limited to 1500 words only. The first and second runners up will get no less than $1500 and $500, respectively.

Writing less and earning more is not fictional. People with talent can get the most of it if they look around them and seek how to get paid for writing what they want, and when they want it. They don’t have to slave away to write a thousand words on daily basis, and think that opportunities are only open for long-winded pieces of writing.


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