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Online Money Making Scams 1

Updated on July 15, 2011

I was so mad last week after I learned that the product I bought for $500.00 was nothing but an online money making scam.

Yes -I did get my money back but only after a lot of frustration, time spent online learning about nothing from this program and after a rather heated discussion with one of the High Guru's of this Scam.

You know when you're a little down financially, you tend to look elsewhere for a supplementary income. Making a little extra online is what many of us end up trying to do and like most we end up losing in the end - spending more than we're making.

It just so happened that I thought I had found the goldmine, the one online money making program that nobody else was offering. I couldn't have been further from the truth.

After reading the brief article on this easy money making adventure, I looked at the video, which was long and drawn out like most. The fellow on the screen was tellling me to stop being a loser and grab this opportunity before the time on the clock (below the screen) ran out and then it would too late.

This guy was good, real good and very funny to listen to. He made me feel that if Joe Blow could do this with only a few dollars in his pocket, then what's stopping me? He was so convincing that I would be making money within hours that I joined up quick before the clock ran out. $500.00 is a lot of money, a lot more than what I wanted to spend and a lot more than I could afford. But I needed to make money and this guy promised me success or my money back. Well, a money back guarantee sounded pretty good to me -- so I joined and just like that, my $500 was gone to this online face who was only 24 years old and already a multi-millionaire.

After a week of watching video after video, I seemed to be getting nowhere. It was just a confusing bunch of crap! I wrote the support team many times for explanations of certain topics but they just passed the buck to someone else. That someone else were people who owned other programs that were connected to the original program that I bought. I had to join these other programs in order for the original program to actually work. Now I was over $700 and still hadn't earned a penny. I was beginning to feel a little insecure like many of you who have also leaped into something like this hoping for a miracle. It's like throwing a line out into the water hoping that you'd catch the big one. But this water was getting a little too deep for my liking and the waves were beginning to rock the boat.

At about 3:00pm a few days later, I answered a call from California. The guy on the other end was very upbeat and told me his name and that he was from the online program that I had ordered, the one where I was still waiting for my first dollar to come in. After a minute or two, he said that another call was coming in on his line and for me to retun his call if he forgot to get back to me. I thought - well, why would he forget to call me back if he was the one that was going to show me how to get started making money with the program. But after an hour, I decided to call him back.

This other gentleman answered and told me that his Junior associate was a little busy and that he would guide me through the process. He asked if I was excited and if I was ready to start making a lot of money. I said -- "yes, I'm ready." Then he told me that he had to do an interview with me before he could pass the phone over to his junior executive. This partner of his was "the Donald Trump of online marketing" and he was going to be my mentor, the saviour that I had been looking for.

As the interview went along, personal questions began popping up -- questions like, "how many credit cards do you possess, how many homes do you own (not rent) and how much debt have you managed to accummlate?"

After 40 minutes or so talking to this guy, things began turning ugly when I was told that even though I was a great guy and have been successful in the past with many business ventures, I was not a good business risk for them (on paper). He said that I could stay with the program if I wanted but that without my personal mentor (guide), I would probably not succeed. After all was said and done and this dude was through putting me down, I asked him what they were looking for and why I was not good enough. I was practically yelling at him for calling me a loser after having giving them more than $700 on their programs. Where the heck does this stranger come off putting me down and calling me a loser? I was not amused to say the least! I had been self employed for 33 years with much success and this young punk was really coming down hard on me because I only had one credit card, one house and lots of debt. That's about 75% of the population I would think.

I began to see the light and to realize what these weasels were up to. Basically, it comes down that their goal was to find people in an income bracket who could afford to spend money on program after program on a weekly basis. I was told "This is what the program is" and that I didn't possess enough wealth to make it worthwhile for them to continue working with me. And so be it.

This online money making program that promises to make you wealthy, even if you only have a few dollars in your pocket, is nothing but a scam, like just about all of them are. However, there is one that I found a few days later that has a video presentation and a great program, also with a money back guarantee. The program is $47.00 and worth every penny. I would not be writing this article without the help of this program. The tricks learned and free websites to go to are worth every penny. I feel I'm much better off than I was at this time two weeks ago and have actually started to make a little money and I mean a little. But it's a start and with anything, hopefully it will build over the months ahead. At least, I don't have to buy program after program like in the above mentioned online scam.

Oh -- you want the name of this scam? It's called "Commission Crusher." Stay away!

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