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Online Money Making Ways

Updated on December 24, 2014

Many of us are always searching for ways to make money online. Here are some that can help bring an extra source of income that I would like to share with you.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves the promotion of goods and services in exchange for a commission when a certain action is done, like either a sale is made or a lead is obtained. It can be a very lucrative way of making money online but you need to put in your time and effort. I would recommend Shareasale to anyone who wants to become an affiliate as Shareasale is a large and reliable affiliate network with thousands of merchants offering a wide range of goods and services that you can choose from to promote on your website or blog. They also provide you with useful marketing tools like text links, banners and widgets for your marketing efforts.

Get paid to work as a Digital Journalist

Digital Journal is one of the most active online news sites. News are reported by their citizen journalists. You may sign up to become a citizen journalist of Digital Journal and get paid for contributing news to the site. Digital Journal rewards citizen journalists by sharing ad revenue with them. The more you can contribute, the bigger your ad revenue share. Your earning is also determine by the rank (popularity) of your posted news. Payment will be sent to you via Paypal at the beginning of the month once your account exceeded $10 earning.

Get paid to submit photos

Fotolia is a worldwide stock photos marketplace where you can register for a free account to upload your photos or images and sell them for a profit. You can choose to sell photos as royalty-free or with an exclusive buyout license. Either way, you will earn money. Similar sites include istockphoto and 123rf.

Get paid to blog

You can also get paid for blogging. They are many websites that pay bloggers for writing and posting a review about the advertisers products and services on their blogs. Often there are certain requirements you have to meet before you can apply. For instance, your blog has to have at least a certain number of posts and at least 30 days old. Here are some resources where you can get paid for blogging are Payperpost, Smorty and Payu2blog.

Get paid to answer questions

If you have good knowledge or experience in certain fields, you may become an expert of to provide advice to the huge customer base of
Justanswer. You will earn money for all of your accepted answers to the questions asked by the customers. This can be a good way to earn some extra cash if you are good in a particular field.

Get paid selling text links

There is a text link marketplace called Linkshowoff which allows you to sell text links on your site or blog. The process of selling links through Linkshowoff is simple and requires only little effort on your part. All that you need to do is sign up as a publisher of Linkshowoff. Your site will then be listed on the directory of Linkshowoff. The advertisers will come and visit Linkshowoff's directory. If they found that your site is fit for buying text links, they will pay you to display a text link on your site.

The advertisers’ text links that display on your site will carry the 'nofollow' attribute. So, you don't need to worry that Google will penalize your site because of selling text links. The minimum payout is $10. Once you have earned that amount, you can request payment to your PayPal account.

Get paid to display news content on your site is an online news site that provides free access to hundreds of thousands of fully licensed news stories in a number of categories where webmasters and bloggers can publish them on their websites and blogs. Webmasters and bloggers who publish TheNewsRoom's stories will earn money every time a visitor view a news stories in their websites or blogs. All the content in TheNewsRoom are available to web publishers of all sizes, from large media organization to individual bloggers.


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