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Online Money and How to Make it

Updated on February 15, 2012

Stop making statistics and start making money

If you've found your way to this page you're probably making a mistake in earning money online already. Why? Because you're over-researching on the internet trying to find some magic information or some success recipe to get started. I'll tell you one secret, the longer you wait the more money you waste.

How to start out?

This is probably the hardest part, to start. You're not sure what exactly you want to do but you want to start generating some income. To do so first decide on how you will earn money, will you just use Google AdSense and hope for advertising revenue, or maybe you want to promote products and try to get a cut from the price with Amazon or E-bay. There are numerous other ways like file sharing, video content but probably the best and easiest way to start out is by writing content and serving ads. Next you have to decide on your medium, do you want to use Hubpages as a free platform to start making some revenue, maybe a blog on Blogger or buy a domain and host it yourself. One way or the other this is the steps you have to decide on and prepare before doing anything else.

The next step

So you've decided on your initial setup. Now's the time to make everything operational. What you have to do is write content. Not just any content but quality and original content. The best way to have constant stream of traffic and to build future credibility is to provide content the user want's. Something that isn't just copied and pasted so they have value in reading it. It doesn't have to be the best article ever written online or something unseen, just write about something you're good at or know a lot about. Just to get you started with writing, once that first step is done future articles come easier and improve in quality over time.

I've written my first article

So what, one article isn't going to change the world (or is it?). Keep writing till you have at least a couple articles under the belt that you feel are of some quality to the possible reader. Sometimes you can encounter rough patches in writing and hard to find a topic to write about but don't let that put you down. There's an endless number of topics to be written about and you'll find one to write about soon, you just need some time to think about it.

My revenue is minimal

Of course it is, you just started. You need to build your credibility, to gain loyal readers, and get nice traffic from other sources. Once you have some content established it's time to start working on making yourself more present on the internet so that you get that traffic you're seeking. Start reading on search engine optimization (SEO for short), because it's what will help you rank high in search engines and that's what drives the most traffic. People can't visit you unless they can find you on the internet. Start reading on how to write better, or deliver better content because the reason people should visit you is to read the content and the best way to improve in that aspect is to improve on yourself. And probably the most important thing is to keep track and analyse data to be able to tweak your content, platform and everything else.

Be patient

It takes time to build a respectable amount of traffic that will start generating traffic.
It's known that online dollars are real world pennies. Which means it takes thousands of visitors to make any income, and those visitors need time.

To sum up

In order to start generating revenue online you need to:

  • Find who will pay you money for some service
  • Decide on a medium
  • Write content
  • Write some more content
  • Start optimizing
  • Generate traffic
  • Be patient
  • Keep writing


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