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Online Shopping: Choosing the Best Deals plus Freebies or Rewards

Updated on July 2, 2011

Online Shopping can get you hooked into new arrivals of any goods you are wanting to purchase at a lesser price, from 50% and more discounts!

Does this sound like an advertisement to you? Yes, I am talking to fellow hubbers who are still reluctant to try online shopping. It's a mixed feelings when I had my first attempt but it keeps me wiser in every transaction I closes.

eBay and Amazon are legit sites that are major affiliates of HubPages in terms of commercial shopping on the site, with the support of hubs that are published.

The system of Hubpages allows writers to directly link at the two online stores by searching and showing their products with the capsules intended for it.

A hubber should activate those two online stores if they want percentage or profit that will go directly on his/her site once an item is purchased by online readers.

I just activated my Amazon account immediately. Unlike, eBay, I still have to activate it with a very short period to post the link that my browser can't open easily. So, until now, I forgotten to activate my eBay account because of that difficulty.

More than enough, I've seen online shopping sites here in the Philippines and much more in other countries.

That's what I'll be adding here, if you're interested to open an account, shop and receive freebies and other rewards at your own convinience.

If you already activated your PayPal account, also a prerequisite to activate your HubPages Ad Program, then, you can also join other legitimate online shopping sites that can give what you're looking for in just a short period of time (from carting, paying and waiting for the delivery at your doorsteps).

eBay Selling: Rise to the Top of Best Match Search Results c/o theonlinemoneymaker

Make Money with the Amazon Affiliate Store - aStore c/o makemoneycrew

DinoDirect Review - China Drop Shipping Wholesale Websites c/o thegringadgets

What to expect at Online Shopping

It's like you're actually shopping, although the shipping will vary from continent to continent. To avoid paying to much fee in cargo, handling and shipping, you can search for their local online stores that will surely help you find the things you want to purchase without the rigors of going your house, using your car or riding in a public bus or utility vehicle.

With online shopping, you can evade traffic and of course, the dizziness and headache that you acquire by just looking at an array of shopping displays in the stores.

Okay, let's take a tour on what to expect a a particular online stores. You better check, if they have the following:

  1. Baby Apparels

  2. Cameras & Camcorders

  3. Car Accessories

  4. Cell Phones & PDAs

  5. Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

  6. Computers & Networking

  7. Electronics

  8. Gifts & Holiday Supplies

  9. Health & Beauty

  10. Home & Garden

  11. Jewelry & Watches

  12. Novelties

  13. Office Supplies

  14. Sporting Goods

  15. Toys & Hobbies

  16. Video Games

  17. Personalized Gifts

  18. Cool Gadgets

You'll notice that perishable goods are not included, although local online sites will offer such items if the distance can be reached at a short given time, like Food Delivery.

Caution when shopping online: Expect the unexpected when shopping online. Handling of cargoes or equipment can sacrifice the function of your gadget or equipment once you receive it. Although, there's already some reminders for those porters to be careful when handling fragile goods, some often mishandled it. So, if ever your ordered item does not function properly, don't blame it on the online shopping site alone. Persons manning it are also accountable to the safe handling and delivery of your purchased goods.

My Recommendation: Where to Shop Online

These are my top three recommendation:

  1. eBay - started on September 3, 1995 by French-born Iranian computer programmer Pierre Omidyar and the best site for auction and online shopping, since then. There's an affiliate here in the Philippines that caters at local auctioneers and online buyers. Some auctioned items have PayPal limitations or restrictions. I think it will depend on the negotiation In fact, I already bought my first item and the service is very good.
  2. Amazon - is a year ahead of eBay. Jeff Bezos founded it in 1994 that started as online bookstore but is continuing to expand as the largest online retailer in the United States.Most of the links on my site are books. Electronic gadgets are one of the major sellable items from the store. Don't forget to order your DVD movies or audio CDs plus computer programs or softwares, too!
  3. DinoDirect - This is the largest online shopping site in Asia where the shipment and orders are also worldwide, competing with eBay & Amazon. The main office is located in China and been adjudged as the number one Wholesale and retail store online. Top brands, new arrivals, top-selling and featured categories are always updated 24/7. My Chinese friend who's an insider or working on the site attested to the veracity of the online store.

These three online stores offer the sign-up button if you want to avail and other spectacular promo when you recommend it to your family and friends on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media sites.

Links on your site can be made for the first two affiliate store of HubPages, but the latter is my personal recommendation. Since China is a haven for electronic products these days, those latest models are often sampled here in Southeast Asia, including the Philippines, of course, wherein gadget users outdid other countries from being dubbed as the texting capital in the whole world.


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    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 6 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      @dallas93444: Thanks for dropping by. Maybe you could avail the service of one of my online shopping recommendation.

    • dallas93444 profile image

      Dallas W Thompson 6 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      Great article, awesome and flag up!

    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 6 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      @AprilChan: Thanks for your the hub-visit. Allow me to welcome you on HubPages. Lots of subjects are being tackled here. I'm learning lots of ideas, knowledge and tips here. I hope you. too!

    • profile image

      AprilChan 6 years ago

      I like your article. Really helpful. thank you :)

    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 6 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      @cheerfulnuts: Please try it. I just heard about it yesterday through a Facebook friend from China, who's also working at the online store.

      She is also planning to join HubPages to write about the mainland and of course the nature of her work.

      But right now, she said that she's busy entertaining online shoppers whom she get connected through Facebook, too.

      Anyways, thanks for your hub-visit!

    • cheerfulnuts profile image

      cheerfulnuts 6 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      I've never shopped online. My sister had shopped once last year. We go to the mall almost every week so we didn't really pay much attention to these sites. However, online shopping is really very convenient. You can even buy items that are not available in your country. I've never heard of DinoDirect. I will definitely check it out when I decided to shop online. Thanks for sharing this useful hub! :)