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Online Shopping: Where To Buy Cute Stuffs Online?

Updated on June 19, 2013

I love online shopping! And I could browse the internet doing some "treasure hunting" of mine, hoping that I would stumble into a website where I could find the goodies I like. And this goodies are usually cute stuffs made from Japan, like notebooks, pens, letter sets and other kawaii stuffs.

(I had a collection of memo pads by the way. And I just love them, so colorful and the characters are cute!)

Also I have a thing for gadgetry items and I could browse online looking at those items. It just entertains me viewing images, videos, and reviews of other buyers.

Anyway, I had done quite some shopping online and I just wanna share my experience with the following websites I had been into.


I had shopped once from shopkawaii website from their "on sale" items. That is because I saw this cute little notebook with the burned toast (I forgot the name of it) and some mamegoma memo pads that I kept. I seldom use the memo pads, I just bought them for collection. I just enjoy looking at those colorful characters and it helps making me smile when I'm sad.

The mini notebook? I sent it as a gift to a friends son who loves cute stuffs and he just likes it! He once told me and showed it to me that he's using the notebook to jot down important school memos.


I just recently discovered this website and it's been my favorite. And if you are looking for some gadgetry items like a cameras, video recorders, then the store is worth visiting. Another reason why I like the site? I love the free shipping.

Also I check Tmart whenever I remember because they have different items that they feature on their "everyday special" where the price was reduced. And that goes for the whole day. After that, it will return to its original price.

Just last December I purchased a "Turtle Night Light Stars Projector" and a "digital voice recorder pen" for a gift. I decided to try the projector and I just love it, it creates a starry ceiling which is relaxing. Turns out that the kid I gave it to also likes it a lot! And his older brother who got the pen recorder/MP3 player also loves the pen.

( I also got an extra pen for myself and I appreciate the song the came with it.) A pen, an MP3, and a voice recorder.

So far my experienced with Tmart is great.


Cute and cool Japanese products here.

I could spend some good time browsing around the site, looking at those cool items. I specially wish I could have the cellphone straps with the plants inside and the "Chura stone" if they could just be a little cheaper.

But I did ordered something from them. I bought two luminous sand cellphone straps. I love those luminous sands specially at night as they glow. I just wish thou that costumers can choose what color they want. I really would like to have the blue ones but I got the green ones instead.

But after few months, I hadn't been very careful with the tiny glass bottle and it hit the glass table and cracked. Aside from that, I'd say strapya-world has a good service and fast shipping too.


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