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Online Sources For Grocery Store Coupons

Updated on October 21, 2008

The word is out that using coupons for the products we buy will save us money at the grocery store. Unfortunetly our sunday newspapers seem to have less and less usuable grocery store coupons and more and more of the offers for glass ornaments, muumuu's and porcelian dolls.

Some of us have enough muumuu's... Some of us too many.

Lucky for the rest of us who don't need a new hip and stylish pink and green polka dotted muumuu with a classy low cut neck line, there are other souces for the grocery store coupons we are looking for.

Coupon Trading Forums

Coupon trading message boards and forums are a huge resource for the serious coupon clipping grocery shopper. Coupon traders post what they have or what they want. Then other coupon traders come along and say "I want that" or "I have that". Then e-mails are written, trades are made, snail mail is sent and both parties have what they want. All this as a means to lower their shopping bill.

It's a BIG hobby for many and it becomes addictive. Coupon traders don't just trade coupons, they trade UPC's, rebate forms, wine tags, gift certificates and more.

Seems a bit much but it's actually quite fun and is a very frugal hobby that plays its part well in lowering the bills. Getting started in it is not all that hard either. Anyone wanting to get started will have their best luck trading for potlucks of coupons.

Coupon potlucks are groups of mixed coupons usually of 50 to 100 that are sold or traded. If done right, anyone can get a really great starter set of coupons. Of you are interested in obtaining one. Request that there be no more than doubles of any coupons, that they be of common popular brands, and that household cleaning items, and over the counter medications be omited.

The value of potlucks, coupons, forms, upc's and other trading items all depend on the trading trends. Watch the boards for awhile, read up on trading rules with the forum sticky posts and jump on in.

Company Websites

Many of your favorite brands offer coupons for their products on their websites. Go to the main page and look around. Many times the coupons can be found under a special offers or promotions tab. Most of the times they are printable right there at the website, other times they will mail them too you.

If there is nothing available, take a chance and send an e-mail telling the company what you think of your products, who knows they may even send you some coupons for free food.

Buying Coupons On Ebay

Buying coupons on Ebay is an easy way to acquire exactly the coupons your looking for. There is quite a lot of discussion on the legality of buying coupons, but "per Ebay standards" the auction winner is not paying for coupons, but is actually paying for time to cut and sort the coupons.

The benefit is that unlike with coupon trading, you have ebay and paypal on your side. The seller most likely does not want to risk their feedback score on a few dollars so as long as the auction is crystal clear on what you are recieving, go for it. Keep in mind expiration dates.

Do not buy from sellers that seem to have endless supplies of HOT coupons such as free product coupons. If there feedback is low, there is a chance that these are fradulent and that is not something the coupon clipper wants to get involved in.


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    • timsbiz profile image


      10 years ago from Atlanta

      Interesting info, I appreciate you sharing your finds. I have managed to keep my wife at home for the last seven years,and believe me,we have cut coupons and corners too.

      I do some clicks online and earn alittle at a place called marketing pond, if you are into that sort of thing. I noticed the Vegas coupon books are bidding about 18 bux, my business is giving them away for about fifteen.

      Thanks for the Hub,


    • Whitney05 profile image


      10 years ago from Georgia

      Great tips. I think the purchasing a coupon deal from ebay is a rip-off though. I mean coupons are usually free, so why spend 3.00 on a coupon to save 5.00 because at that point you're only saving 2.00, which is good, but a small percent when you could have saved 5.00.

      Something I now several people in my family do, is to purchase something just because there was a coupon. That's not a way to save money. I mean yea you saved from the coupon, but if you didn't really need the item, then you lost money.


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