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These Can Make You Rich Through Amazon As An Affiliate

Updated on March 28, 2017

What is Amazon?

Sounds interesting right? Yes, it does to me. Amazon is a global online store where sellers list their items for sale, buyers find items to buy, and money makers earn money through promoting of those listed items. What happens is that an affiliate promotes an already existing product in a supported way, drives traffic to that item, and earns money from every qualifying purchase buyer pays for. You can see how easy it is when it comes to making money.

But the big question remains on how exactly does one become rich by just being an Affiliate. In this Hub, I am sharing with you factual ways which when followed, anyone can easily make money to an extent of becoming rich. Yes, you can become rich just like the many famous internet marketers share doing..

Who qualifies to become an Amazon affiliate?

I am a Ugandan born. And Uganda is located in the East of Africa. The person who mentored me to start making money from Amazon is from Kenya, and which is too in East Africa. This means that almost anyone from anywhere apart from those restricted areas does qualify to be an Amazon affiliate.

But before you think of becoming an affiliate, there are certain things you must take note of. These include but not limited to;

  • Having a website, blog or somewhere you will promote Amazon items and products. Hubpages is one example of such.
  • Having an internet connection and a computer. This is a personal requirements since its the internet which takes you online, and its through a computer where you can build blogs, websites and so forth just like I am writing this hub.
  • You need to have time. With time, you are able to do check everything with regard including writing reviews, checking amazon products you can promote, promoting your blog or website or the product links.

Once you are ready, the next thing is to get started. If you already have an account, skip this but if you don't have, then follow the instructions below.

Amazon afffiliate homepage screenshot
Amazon afffiliate homepage screenshot

How do you become an Amazon Affiliate?

Becoming an Affiliate on Amazon is very simple and easy. If you are indeed committed to becoming one so as to start earning from your work, follow the simple steps and procedures below to create your account.

  • Visit - Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices and join 100% free.
  • Enter your email address r mobile number, select new user and hit on sign in.
  • Fill in the entire form as required and follow all prompts.
  • Enter your contact address details including the payee name and hit next.
  • Input your website or application details by adding one, and filling all other fields.
  • Hit save and you will have successfully created your Amazon affiliate account.

Identity verification through phone call

Like many other trusted providers, Amazon does require one to identify him or herself. This is done to ensure that it is a real human creating an account and that the person has provided the right information. During this stage of your registration, you will be required to provide a valid phone number which Amazon will automatically call on and ask you to input on your phone using the keypad, or read one numbers loud one at ago.

Once you do that successfully, you will head to the final stage of your registration. This is also very simple but it requires one to have an active and working phone number.

Submitting in your Tax information and payment details

Now that you have successfully joined Amazon affiliates, you can either submit in your tax and payment information, or start promoting products right away and leave that for later. But in case you decide to do it right way, the entire process is almost automated for Non US affiliates. You simple select "I am not a US citizen, don't do business in the US, don't have an attachment in US and so forth. You should fill in all required fields, review your information, add your e-signature and submit your tax information.

For payment details, you chose between a Amazon gift cards, cheque and or a bank account. Please note that each has its own terms for example, you should add a US bank account since it's supported. If you prefer to receive a cheque, processing fees will apply. For a gift card, you know where to use it and of course, it's delivered to your email address inbox.

Promoting these can make you rich through Amazon

Don't quote me wrong. There are very many factors which will determine your success on Amazon as an affiliate. Reading the above "that these will make you rich" doesn't guarantee that you will be rich. How determined you are is one way which you help you succeed. If you understand what getting committed means, what willingness to do things mean, and what your input and the way you do things mean, then you should follow the below and prove it yourself.

Free kindle reading application - Yes, this is a free Kindle reading application which can either be installed on a smart mobile device, and or onto a computer. In the past, this used to only earn $1 per download but as of now, its earning up to $3 per download. Just imagine if you got 100 installs per month? What would be the amount you earn? Calculate it yourself and find the answer.

Free Trial offers - People love free things. And I am sure you too wouldn't bypass any free offer if it avails. The same applies to people who buy from, and or make use of Amazon. From what I know, most of these trial offers pay up to $3 and above. This means that the more people who sign up for such offers under your referral link, the higher your chances of earning. Look into it and see how many people you have.

Mobile phones - Did you know that a single iPhone 6s 128 GB can earn you more than $40 if sold under your referral link? How about other similar devices which have caught the attention of many? Yes, mobile phones, accessories and computers do earn higher since the good ones are always sold at high prices. Try that today and tell me tomorrow.

Winding up

The affiliate industry has been improving day by day. And very many people are taking up such opportunities to make money off the internet. Amazon being a top and well performing company means offering the best in the same. Being an affiliate is a chance to help you earn money and become rich off the internet. Best practices and guidelines differ from provider to provider and so to Amazon. You are encouraged to read their program terms and conditions, put them into practice and be a good one.

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      SSST 18 months ago from Kawempe

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      Mona Sabalones Gonzalez 18 months ago from Philippines

      This is a most helpful article. The tips are so plentiful and very doable, too.