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How to Make Easy Money From Home With Pay Per Post Forums Like Postloop

Updated on December 6, 2011
Pay per post forums help you earn money for sharing your thoughts and opinions.
Pay per post forums help you earn money for sharing your thoughts and opinions.

Make Easy Money From Home - No Degree Required

You don't need a college degree to make fast cash from home. In fact, you don't even need a job. Postloop is a pay per post forum that gives members cash for each post that they make on an approved forum.

Sound too good to be true? It's not. I've been a member for several months and already made hundreds of dollars working an hour or two a day.

Will you get rich? No. Will you make a decent hourly wage if you read and write quickly? Yes, but it might take you a week or so to get the hang of things.

How Can I Make Money Online With Postloop?

Postloop isn't a job, but you still have to go through something that can best be described as a hiring process. It's fairly easy, so don't get nervous; Postloop just wants to know that you speak English well and have a good grasp of spelling and grammar rules.

What does the Postloop testing process entail? You'll be asked to write 10 sample forum posts on the Postloop forum. They can be on just about anything - if I remember correctly, there's even a general forum where you can ramble on about all sorts of miscellaneous stuff.

Your 10 posts will be reviewed and awarded points fairly quickly, usually within 3 days. Mine were reviewed in less than 24 hours and I began making money online from home the very next day.

How Much Can I Make With Postloop?

You can make $2 a day, or you can make $20 - it just depends on you. I usually make $5 to $10, but I have a lot of other clients to focus on. I use Postloop as a break from my freelance writing career.

A lot of people ask about my hourly rate with Postloop, and I don't mind sharing it. I make around $8 to $10 per hour. I realize that's not much, but I warned you earlier that you won't get rich. If you suck at typing and have to constantly edit your posts, you'll only make $4 or $5 an hour.

When Does Postloop Pay?

Postloop pays members daily to work from home writing forum posts. They send payments fairly quickly after you request them, usually in less than 24 hours. I've received all of my payments in 12 hours or less.

Payment is sent via PayPal, so create an account if you don't already have one. You have to earn at least $5, or 100 points, before you can request payment.

Why Should I Join Postloop?

Sign up for Postloop if you're looking for a way to make easy money from home. Each forum post only has to be 3 sentences long, and I've written posts about everything from Santa clipart to the state of Missouri. I've also met some cool people on the different forums.

Hint: It's also a great way to promote your hubs once in awhile. Don't be spammy about it, but if you see a forum post on a topic that you've written a good hub about, share it. I've gotten a decent amount of traffic from the forums.

What Do You Think About Postloop?

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    • DNemesis profile image

      DNemesis 5 years ago

      I just joined yesterday and today im fully set up and kicking butt. THis is what i recommend: Join forums which you are MASSIVELY passionate about, not just "fairly" passionate...if possible. Whenever it comes to video games, i can type fast without a brain freeze on just about anything. I will use this to my advantage and see how it all goes. I have about 33 points out of the 100 minimum for payout. I'll continue testing the waters tonight..

    • Teresa Schultz profile image

      Teresa Schultz 5 years ago from East London, in South Africa

      Thanks for the reply, Sunnyglitter. If I did bother to join Postloop, it would be just a hobby for me too, and especially since I don't think I'd manage more than 7 to 10 posts an hour. I'm not already used to writing on forums like you were, and I too spend most of my time on freelance work - sometimes also writing articles - your main topics for the articles you do for others sound interesting - the medical conditions ones - I sometimes write articles for a client on brain injury, spinal injury, recalled and defective products and medicines, and the side effects or injuries they've caused. I've noted Postloop down for future reference for if I'm bored or need a change or hobby :)

    • Sunnyglitter profile image

      Sunnyglitter 5 years ago from Cyberspace

      You're welcome. Yes, some sites pay more than others. Look for the ones that offer a bonus. There are also some that allow you to post unlimited comments, so doing this saves you time that would normally be spent switching from forum to forum. Also, I read/type very quickly and used to do paid forum posting for a few private clients, so this work is very easy for me. Postloop is more of a hobby than a job for me, as I'm pretty busy with other online endeavors. I usually use it when I'm drained from writing lengthy, well-researched articles about medical conditions and insurance.

    • Teresa Schultz profile image

      Teresa Schultz 5 years ago from East London, in South Africa

      That was interesting and useful, thanks. I just went and spent about 30 minutes on the site, going through it a bit, and I see the average payment is $0.08 per post. My guess is that you must be earning above average otherwise you'd have to be posting 100 posts an hour to make $8 per hour? I can't see myself posting more than about 7 to 10, if that, 3-sentence posts per hour (after reading the content of the page first, to leave an appropriate comment etc) I'll have to look at the site some more to understand it better. Thanks for pointing out this manner of earning some extra income.

    • Sunnyglitter profile image

      Sunnyglitter 5 years ago from Cyberspace

      Thank you, guys. I'm glad you found the article interesting and helpful. Let me know if you have any questions about Postloop!

    • profile image

      jenubouka 5 years ago

      Very interesting and quick and thorough, love it. I may look into it thanks for the info.

    • BakerRambles profile image

      BakerRambles 5 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      Very interesting, I enjoyed this hub and your promotion of PostLoop, I will probably join now that you have mentioned it. Have a wonderful day.

    • SKCandles profile image

      SKCandles 6 years ago from Canada

      Thanks for the info. I signed but wasn't sure what to do. Now I do. :)

    • Dday50627 profile image

      Darrel Day 6 years ago from Iowa

      Thanks Sunnie... I will be looking into this.

    • Sunnyglitter profile image

      Sunnyglitter 6 years ago from Cyberspace

      Thanks for the comments, guys! I hope that all of you have a great time making money online with Postloop.

    • sgbrown profile image

      Sheila Brown 6 years ago from Southern Oklahoma

      Thanks for the information! I could always use a little extra cash and enjoy writting. Will definately take a look at it.

    • dmcgaw profile image

      Danielle McGaw 6 years ago from Manitoba, Canada

      I've never tried it but I'm a bit of a forum junkie so I joined! :)

    • mommywolf profile image

      mommywolf 6 years ago from USA

      I work with them as well. They've saved me in a pinch! It's a great way to get that little big extra that you need.

    • vwriter profile image

      vwriter 6 years ago from US

      This looks interesting. I believe I'll take a closer look at Postloop. Thanks for sharing.

    • Sunnyglitter profile image

      Sunnyglitter 6 years ago from Cyberspace

      Thank you, Page. I know that a lot of people want to know how to make money from home without any type of upfront investment, so hopefully this will help. There are so many scams out there.

    • PageC profile image

      PageC 6 years ago

      Great recap -- this could def help someone who needs an easy way to bring in a little extra cash.