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Passive Income 2022: How to Start Making Money Every Day Without Any Investment

Updated on July 29, 2022
Take the first steps towards earning in your sleep.
Take the first steps towards earning in your sleep.

What Is Passive Income?

So you're sitting at your desk job, working at the restaurant, or sitting at your till wondering when the cycle is going to end. The truth is that too often in life we look at those who are successful to see what we should be doing. The truth is that we should instead be looking at those who fail to see what to avoid.

When Bill Gates said he dropped out of school, every high school dropout looked to the stars in hope as they thought their life was about to change. The truth is that Bill Gates dropped out of school with a plan, and his system already in place.

Now we look at the legions of those who have failed. On average in America, high school dropout expect to earn $20,241 a year, compared to the $30,627 a graduate earns, and $56,665 someone with a bachelors degree is expected to earn.

What we see is that of the few success stories, there are many many failures when it comes to dropping out of high school. In short - don't drop out. Unless, of course, you have just invented Microsoft 2.

Back to passive income. Looking at the failures of the masses we see that the major failing point in people's lives is laziness. We are so used to sitting at our desk and working that we don't want to change.

The truth is, in order to break the loop we need to work harder for longer for a short time in order to secure earnings for the rest of our lives. Bill Gates stayed up until the early hours of the morning every night constructing Microsoft while he was at university.

When we write an article here on HubPages we spend a few hours making it the best it can be before we publish it and let it earn for the rest of our lives!

This is the area of passive income - a one time investment of time and energy followed by a lifetime of income. Some streams require updating. Real estate may require yearly renovations/repairs in order to maintain or even improve earning potential each year.

When your passive income exceeds your expenses - then you are financially free.
When your passive income exceeds your expenses - then you are financially free.

Moving onto how to actually create passive income for yourself. My advice for now is this. Keep working, live cheap - don't buy an expensive car, live in a small house, save money and keep working hard. While doing this follow my guide and build your passive income streams. Eventually you'll have enough money saved to buy property and start renting. This is where you start to build your dream!

Before you quit your job you should start off here, building your passive income streams in the methods I show below. These are the three methods I personally have used to earn my freedom. There are infinitely many ways you can do the same out there and the more innovative your way is, the less likely there is to be competition, and the more likely you are to earn.

Moving on to the first method. Many of you will be familiar with it already.

Method 1 - Writing Articles on HubPages

Right now, if you are a member of the site or not, you are reading a HubPages article and giving me around $0.002. Yup, a fifth of a penny. But here's the catch. HubPages is a huge website online so its content will naturally appear higher in the webpage rankings on search engines. This means almost guaranteed traffic as long as you can write tailored articles.

For me, I started very very young, writing about video game tutorials, getting around a thousand views per day. Since then I have written more and more and more and I try to write 2 articles per week. On average I get around 50 views per article per day. So every week I'm getting 100 more views, every year I'm getting 5000 more per day, and that equates to my daily earnings rising by around $10 every year - i.e. in 10 years I will be earning $100 per day. Right now I do earn around $40 per day just through HubPages.

Writing on HubPages has taken me years to get to what I consider a good standard. I wish I had known these things before I started writing here, so here are my top tips to HubPages:

  • Write about what you know - this will make your articles good quality and keep readers coming back for more.
  • Write about topics which are niche - don't write an apple pie guide if you want views - there are 200 million apple pie recipes on Google and you are not going to get to the top. Writing a Guide to Brewing Vodka from Potatoes is a niche topic - there are fewer results about this and you can get higher on the ranking pages as a result!
  • Write descriptive titles and a keyworded description - assuming you've got people to see your page on Google, you want them to click your guide above everyone else's. Give a captivating title and make your description appear genuine and gripping - put keywords in there the improve traffic also.
  • Make your articles look good - if your article is pleasing to the eye your viewers are more likely to stay. When your viewers have longer viewing times you will rank higher in Google's algorithm as they view you as a higher quality link.

Hopefully these tips will help you earn on HubPages. When writing on the site they take 30% of revenue and you take 70%. If you are referred by a friend then your friend gets 10%, HubPages gets 20%, and you still get your 70%!

Method 2 - Building A Referral Downline On NeoBux

The word referral is something that many people cower from. Yeah the standard "invite your family and friends and earn when they earn" is cool and all but you only have so many friends and you can't make more family that quickly.

The crux of this trick is that NeoBux - a PTC (paid-to-click) site, lets you rent referrals. With a good strategy like the one I will outline below, you can make these referrals profit for you.

About NeoBux

NeoBux is a paid advertisement site on which you click an advert - get around $0.01 and repeat. Getting referrals on this site is the key to being successful - each referral's click earns you $0.005 and they click usually 4 times per day. This means each active referral will earn you $0.02. 50 active referrals will earn you $1 per day, and so on.

Unfortunately referrals are not all active, and you must nurture them to make them profitable. You also have the option to upgrade on Neobux to Gold, up to Ultimate - allowing you to earn twice as much from all referral clicks. Upgrading to Golden early is key and I would recommend that if there was ever a time to invest in something - this is it, it costs $90 but is well worth the earnings you will accrue as a result.

Begin as a standard member and get to a stage where you have at least 50 referrals. Then either buy golden or get up to 499 referrals and maintain them until you can afford to buy golden.

At this stage you will be good enough to keep building yourself up and earning. Right now I earn around $30 a day from NeoBux and 20$ of this goes back into building up my referral network again.

Referral Maintenance Strategy

When you have referrals on NeoBux, a lot of them will be unprofitable. Luckily the website allows you to recycle them to get a new one at the cost of 7 cents. Deciding when to recycle a referral is how you make money in NeoBux, do it too often and you won't profit as you're spending too much on recycling. Do it too little and you'll end up with a lot of unprofitable referrals who will not make much money.

Here are my guidelines on maintaining a good referral base:

  • Earn your first $0.60 by clicking adverts every day - or invest a dollar into it to save a few days.
  • Rent 3 referrals.
  • Click more adverts every day - you need to click the orange adverts every day in order to earn from your referrals the next day.
  • When you have enough, rent another 3 referrals.
  • Turn autopay off, and turn autorenew off.
  • Your referrals when initially rented will have 30 days work, eventually you will need to extend their "contract" - the more days you extend it for the cheaper this will be per day. Always try to extend by at least 90 days. And make sure you never let a referral expire completely.
  • Use this NeoBux Referral Average Calculator to figure out what you break even point is for your referrals. This number is the average your referrals need to be profitable.
  • In general, always recycle referrals who's average is less than this - if they have been below that average for a while or haven't clicked in around 5 days.
  • Sometimes good referrals with averages of 2+ may stop clicking for a week or 2, they may just be on holiday so be prepared to let it slip for a couple of weeks for the security of a regular clicker.
  • Keep track of all your referrals click every day so you can spot trends in their clicking over time. There is a handy tool to track your referrals every day which can be found by searching for a "Referral Manager NeoBux" online but can't be linked here unfortunately.
  • Learn over time which referrals are profitable and which are not. One which clicks once every 2 days will never seem inactive but will have an average of 0.5 and most likely will not be profitable.
  • Recycle when a bad referral has been inactive for a while but note that regular members get their referrals automatically recycled after 14 days of inactivity. If you referral hasn't clicked in 13 days then do not recycle them as it is definitely not worth the 7 cents.

Recycling referrals is the hardest part of this method, but creating and managing your downline is a rewarding and profitable thing. If you haven't got a NeoBux account - you can sign up here. Like above, this link put me as your referrer - I earn a little bit of money which comes from NeoBux's earnings and you earn just as much as if you signed up without my referral link. Otherwise you can open a new tab and go to Google and search it and ugh that would just take forever...

Okay so turns out I'm not allowed to link to NeoBux, so you'll just have to Google it (awkward right) - if you do feel like making me a referral (I would appreciate it so much) when you sign up it may ask you for your "referrer" and if you type my username - ryanscorer1998 - I get a little bonus! Thanks and sorry for making you have to open a new tab and search for it etc...

Method 3 - Building a Website

Over half of the websites online now are created with WordPress!
Over half of the websites online now are created with WordPress!

Now you are lucky - WordPress don't have a referral program so you are not about to be spammed with referral links! Yay!

Building a website is daunting. Making a whole site to perform a function?! Luckily you don't need to code Facebook from scratch to make a pretty penny. WordPress allows you to build a website with no knowledge about anything coding related and it is really easy to use too!

Choosing the topic for your site is hard. For me - I love DIY and I love buying old used pallets and constructing odd projects around the house. So I built a DIY pallet site - really niche and something I knew a lot about. I shared my expertise and published my site - that bit does cost money. You need to pay a service to host your site - put it online and ensure it remains there. Usually people use BlueHost in conjunction with WordPress as they offer very good rates and lots of good features!

Building your site is something which will take a while - maybe a few weeks of an hour a night. Getting it monetized can be difficult too. It should have been active for a few weeks already before you apply for Google Adsense - it should also be getting considerable traffic.

If you have written on HubPages for a while then chances are you already have a Google Adsense account, if not HubPages can be a great way to get in on the action.

Otherwise, whether or not you have a lot of traffic already - you should focus on SEO - Search Engine Optimization. This is the area of improving your websites score on search engines so you appear higher on the results and get more views!

There are a million ways to do this and I sadly won't list them all here but may have a guide in the future! Here are a few ways though:

  • Place good meaningful titles/headers regularly on your pages - these are considered more than just body content and will improve your rank.
  • Use original images on your site - as these become part of the web it can be found on Google Images and will make your site accessible through there too.
  • Post regular content and update your site regularly - this lets Google's algorithm know you are a modern and active site which will boots your views too!

Building your site is a massive step and this can be the step where your earnings really really take off - my site earns me about $45 per day but fluctuates by around $10 either side at different times of the year.

Building Your Empire

Hopefully you took my advice and didn't quit your day job. As your earnings start rolling in you should focus on the next stage of your life - getting onto the property ladder. This is basically the ultimate passive income stream and building your property empire is the best way to take your life into your own hands!

I still work during the day and update my referrals during the night, writing articles occasionally (such as this one!) and tweaking my site a little. I am saving for my second rental property now and can't wait to retire. My life is in my hands and I am in control of my fate - I am free.

I hope this guide will seriously help you get your life to where you want it to be! Feel free to ask me any questions you have below and I will do my best to help! Good luck!

Which of these methods will you be most likely to use?

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Table of Methods!

Time Investment
A couple of hours per article.
Between $0-$2 per day per article.
15 minutes per day.
Virtually unlimited, but starts slow.
Around 20 hours work total.
Similar to above, but can start fast.

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