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Pay your mortgage using the residual income you make on hubpages

Updated on February 8, 2012

Can you pay for your mortgage using residual income made from hubpages?

My history making money with hupbages

Many people have probably found this article looking for ways to make extra income online. I know that when I first started with hubpages a little over a year ago i was in the exact same boat. I came to hubpages and read through multiple articles talking about how to make extra money online, and the different ways to use backlinks and SEO techniques to make sure that you were producing articles that would rank high on various search engines (mostly people were concerned with ranking #1 on google search for their targeted keyword, or at the very least be on the first page). Well, I spent a lot of time, probably too much, reading through these various articles and keeping a completely disorganized journal of techniques and tips that would someday allow me to be that person that would one day rank #1 on google searches for my articles. Truth be told, this was a waste of time. I got discouraged, as I would spend hours and hours (and hours) searching through "money-making" keywords on google adsense and several other free SEO sites with the end goal of being able to make sure that my articles were always at the top page of google searches, and I would never see my articles at the top of the primary search engines. So, after a while I gave up. I think that i had spent so much time focusing on research, keywords, tags, and all the other tech-savy terms that people who write online for a living like to regurgitate all over their "make money online blogs", that i lost sight of what I really should be doing. What I should have been doing is continuing to write!

Now, don't get me wrong, I really do believe that there is room for improvement regarding the use of title, tags, and some research when you are writing to make income online. However, it shouldn't be your primary focus. If you really do plan on supplementing your income by making money online at hubpages, the best piece of advice I can give you is to keep writing. It sounds simple, but it's easy to get lost focusing on the promotional aspects of writing online. If you can consistently produce quality content at hubpages you will make money. The amount of money you can earn here at hubpages, in my opinion, is largely determined by (1) the quality of your hubs, (2) the quantity of hubs (3) your activity with other hubbers, and (4) the various SEO implementations you use while writing your articles.

As I write this article I believe I only have about 25 articles published and 3 more that I have been working on the last several days but have yet to publish (as in my opinion they are not quite good enough). I currently only make about $1 a day on hubpages, so I am definitely not some bigshot here, but I do think I have learned quite a bit in my time here... However, as I mentioned earlier in the article I gave up after becoming discouraged by only making a little bit of money per article when I first started. Initially I only published 17 hubs when i had first started, and like most people I only saw pennies coming in. Naturally, I did the math and quickly determined that hubpages was not worth my time. Why should I spend hours writing what i believe to be good material only to make pennies. Well, the answer to that riddle is simple. Pennies, over time, become dollars. Dollars, over time, become more dollars... and it's all residual income, meaning that even if you stop writing alltogether you still keep collecting. This, my friends, is why I am back. After about an 11 month hiatus I happened to check my hupages account and foudn some money in there. It blew me away and I literally broke out my calculator and started doing some quick math to see what my earnings could have been had I been a little more disciplined with my hupages writing. As I said earlier, I now have somewhere aroudn 25 articles floating around hubpages and make roughly a dollar a day (some days it's $.85, some days it's $1.25,it just depends on how many people happened to read my articles that day...). About 8 of these articles have been written in the last couple of weeks, so I really think that the $1 per day is mostly due to my original 17 hubs, and that as these hus mature and get more views I will see an increase in my hubpages residual income. I also believe that there is destined to be a "tipping point" (Malcolm Gladwell fans probably just blinked at that... if you caught the reference, leave me a note, because I would love to hear from you because you are awesome...). By "tipping point" I mean that I believe that once you get to a certain level of articles, you will have naturally created more backlinks and therefore will be creating more views of your articles by moving them up the search engine list for a specific keyword (now, I know i mentioned i spent too much time trying to move my articles up googles search by worrying about techniques, but when it happens naturally, just let it happen). Anyway, I believe that as you produce more and more quality content you will have exponentially more and more readers. So, while 25 articles gets me roughly 100 views per day right now, it is likely that 100 articles will get me more than the expected 400 views (instead of being 4 times the readers, it is likely to be higher). To keep things simple I am going to keep things linear and assume that the rate stays constant while I go over some different scenarios on making money on hubpages. If you want to break out your calculators you can do the following math with me to see what continued writing at hubpages could mean to my (or hopefully your) financial situation:

Current scenario:

25 hubs... roughly 100 views per day... $1/day in residual income through hubpages... I should average $30/month or $360/year.

Double the effort:

50 hubs... 200 views per day... $2/day in residual income through hubpages.... I should average $60/month or $720/year.

Quadruple the effort:

100 hubs... 400 views per day... $4/day in residual income through hubpages... I should average $120/month or $1480/year

10 times the effort:

250 hubs... 1,000 views per day... $10/day in residual income through hubpages... I should average $300/month or $3,600/year

100 times the effort:

2500 hubs... 10,000 views per day... $100/day in residual income through hubpages... I should average $3,000/month or $36,000/year

Obviously, I took it the extreme with my final example of 100 times the effort, as I don't think i could realistically produce 2,500 hubs, but i thought i would add it for those of you over-achievers out there that could and will push their hub writing to the max.

Anyway, the question i posed in the subtitle of this article was can you make a residual income from hupages. The short answer is yes. The long answer is it takes time and a little discipline. If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme, you came to the wrong place. As I mentioned earlier I currently only make a dollar a day on hubpages, but I know that with continued writing and learning from the more experienceds hubbers here, that I will eventually make a nice residual income with hubpages. You just need to put in the work if you are going to end up making any type of significant residual income at hubpages.

Over time as the quality and quantity of your hubs grows, you will find yourself with the additional income that you probably had yours eyes on when you first started here... and if you don't have an account here, set one up. It's easy and free, plus you have nothing to lose. The only thing i really regret about my experience her on hubpages is not having the perseverence and discipline to stick with it when I first started.

Good luck my friends, I hope that you will drop me a note when you reach your goals!


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    • TIMETRAVELER2 profile image

      Sondra Rochelle 5 years ago from USA

      Wellll...I have 67 hubs right now I'm making 7 cents a day! I've been here about 3 months now, have won hubnuggets awards, etc...but I could starve to death on the income if I decided I wanted to live on it. I use some SEO but do not market my work for a number of reasons. I don't expect it to get any better...but I love to write, so will continue.

      I would love to make $1 a day...but strongly doubt that will happen even if I wind up with 1000 hubs. C'est la vie!

    • MeanGreen profile image

      MeanGreen 6 years ago

      Thank you, Liz. Keep writing and good things will happen!

    • MeanGreen profile image

      MeanGreen 6 years ago

      Thanks UnoVino... I don't know if 2.5K is really possible, but I guess we shall see.

    • lizlauder profile image

      lizlauder 6 years ago from Western New York

      Thank you for this article! I was starting to feel pressured by the need to mess around with SEO and backlinking. So I appreciate having permission to do what I wanted to in the first place--which was write articles!

    • unovino profile image

      unovino 6 years ago from Ann Arbor

      Your enthusiasm is inspiring! Thanks for sharing your journey @Mean Green...I hope to see you reach 2,500 articles :)