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Get Paid Online: Using PayPal in the Philippines

Updated on April 27, 2015


The card has a CARD NUMBER (in big prints) and a bank account number (small print below the account name)
The card has a CARD NUMBER (in big prints) and a bank account number (small print below the account name) | Source

I shifted to fulltime writing early this year. I was happy to have PayPal as my payment partner. I did not mind reading the FAQs or any Help Tutorials in this site. All I care for was signing up and started earning. I began accepting online jobs here and there, and got elated, looking at my earnings in PayPal growing everyday.

Unfortunately, last month, I have gotten the worst shock of my life. I noticed that it was hard to withdrawing my earnings. It was my fault and will always be my fault. Nobody, not even PayPal, has to be blamed for my own stupidity. However, I couldn't blame myself too much. I have been rushing things. I had a very deep thirst for writing to satiate, then.

Rather than hopelessly dealing with this miscalculation, I decided to figure out, how can I withdraw my earnings, or just even be able to make use of them. I started buying things online using e-Bay, but the situation worsened, as it took more than 25 days to receive my items. I was hoping that I could establish a "shop and sell" business through Paypal; that's shopping in eBay and selling locally. The items were affordable than the local counterparts, but how can I smoothly run my new business with such delay. Definitely, not a good thing, so I decided to stick to my plan in withdrawing my money, whatever it takes.

To be honest, the experience was so depressing, especially that I have a monthly rent to pay and some other expenses. The situation made me more eager to write this article, hoping to make a change in PayPal’s process. I am not expecting these changes to take place soon, but maybe in the near future. Any changes in their procedure will surely make the life of every Filipino writer comfortable. Online jobs are slowly sprouting here, and PayPal service is at a higher preference over Western Union, or any other means of money transfer.

At this point, let me emphasize on the verification process of Paypal. PayPal should know about Philippine banking system. PayPal’s verification process does not suit Filipino's way of life, financially. Paypal's verification process seriously require every account member to have a credit card with a VISA logo. That's not an easy requirement for the Filipinos.

Unlike in the US, people here tend to shy away from using credit cards. It is either because only a few truly employed individuals can pass the tight requirement of the credit card companies, or it could be a personal choice of an individual to live less complicated life, by paying cash all the time. It almost seemed like a culture of evading too much financial obligation.

In this case, it is very unlikely that Filipino writers can use PayPal right away. If the only way to withdraw our money is through verifying the account using a MasterCard or a Visa credit and debit cards, then it is bold to say that only a few can use Paypal's service here in the Philippines.

Luckily, thanks to the Almighty, with so much persistence, my research had paid off because I discovered that Union Bank EON Debit card makes it easier to verify PayPal accounts. Another bank which offers a card like Union Bank's EON is Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI). These two banks might be a blessing in disguise, but still, PayPal has to realize how tedious the process is of verifying the account, just to get hold of our online salaries using their service. It is my fervent wish then, that they start transacting with all our local banks - the ones with no VISA and MASTER CARD logo for verification process, since our banks with no doubts, have all the capacity and technology for international verification.


Here are the steps on opening an EON card:

  • Check the site for branches that offer EON cards. Not all Union Bank branches can facilitate the opening of EON cards.
  • Prepare at least two IDs for identity verification. (submit a photocopy of each ID)
  • Prepare 2 pieces of a 1x1 or 2x2 ID pictures.
  • Pay an amount of P350 for the first annual fee. Every year, EON account holders have to pay 350 annual fee for the use of the card. One benefit in paying this annual fee is for the card to have no maintaining balance.
  • Deposit an initial amount no less than P100.
  • After filling the application, this will be processed for a week. You will then be given an instruction when to go back.
  • Wait for two days before enrolling an internet account for online banking. Enroll at


How to use EON card: ( Aside from Paypal's verification process)

1. Purchase at any Unionbank affiliated stores. No need to carry cash. SM, Robinsons, Gaisano Mall, and other major department stores nationwide.

2. Shop online. Ebay, Amazon, and many more e-commerce websites accepts Unionbank EON card.

3. Since this not a credit card but a debit card, one needs to load an amount before using it in any transactions. What is advantageous with EON card is that it has a CARD number for any international shopping transactions at the same time a bank account number for an easy deposit transaction.

EON Renewal: How to Renew EON UNION CARD

For free renewal, EON user has to go to the nearest Union Bank branch on the expiry month and year indicated in the card. Otherwise, you will pay P150 for the replacement. The replacement is so easy.

1. Bring your EON card and present this with a valid ID. Make sure to empty out the card up to the last cent before doing this. They will cut one side of the card in front of you.

2. Fill up the form for renewal.

3. Wait for seven business days.

4. Claim your card. Update your cyberaccount record. The account number is lifetime, while the card number changes every after each renewal.

5. The P350 annual fee for the card will be deducted upon your fist deposit or when you receive your succeeding salary online using the new card.


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