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Paypal Problems In India

Updated on June 17, 2010

Paypal Problem Causes Trouble For Indian Merchants

Many of us already know about the worse situation about papal Indian payments. Due to issues regarding money transfer, exchange rate and similar reasons, Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) has imposed strict rules which resulted in the temporary halting of Indian payments. Merchants as well as other paypal users are in deep trouble as this is causing great inconvenience. People are not able to transfer their paypal money to their Indian bank accounts because the service is halted for the above reasons.

Payapl has already mentioned everything in their blog as well as through Emails. So the problem is serious now for almost all payapl users. But there are some small solutions available to get your paypal money until Paypal really fixes the whole issue after communicating with the Government of India. Paypal recommends some ways to get your money even though the bank transfer facility is no more active. just Continue reading.

Follow these steps

You are familiar with an option provided by paypal : Request a cheque. Yes, you can request a cheque which would reach you with in days. There is a small fee of 5.00 USD to request a cheque from paypal. Paypal admits that they would refund your fee of 5 US dollars as soon as the problem is fixed. But it is assumed that it would take more than 6 months to get this issue fixed.

Another thing you have to note down is that never involve in any type of personal payments. It is very disappointing to note that Paypal has also suspended personal payments or reversed it. So webmasters are in some trouble getting their already received money. If You have any doubts regarding this, you can contact paypal directly and they would provide you solution with in hours.

It is also recommended that paypal users should clear their important tasks like Bank account confirmation, credit linking, etc. A credit card is must in order to settle online payments. Debit cards with a VISA or Master card support can be added as a bank card and you will be allowed to do online purchases and billings. These are the only ways to get rid of this problem now.  Linking a bank card is the primary task that should be completed at this point of time to do online billings and more. Otherwise,you would be having a useless paypal account for the next few months.

Recent Update

Read the official blog of paypal where it is clearly stated that almost all these related problems will be solved by March 3rd 2010. After taking severe steps and a lot of modifications to the indian payment options, they have finally provided what they have promised. Read the article on


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