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PayPal Spain Customer Loop

Updated on July 19, 2012

Lost Faith in PayPal

I have lost all faith in "the number one trusted online Payment Methods". At least when it comes to the Spanish version of PayPal. Having had a Spanish PayPal account with my partner for some years we all of a sudden had our account restricted.

It was presented as just a formality of clarifying our identity.

When your account has had more than 2.500 USD going through it PayPal, according to the European Union, have to make sure that we are not money-launders or hidden behind false identity.

So far so good! That was okay with us and we faxed them everything they asked for and they verified having had all they needed.

Now 8 weeks later we find ourselves in what I will describe as the Paypal Spain Customer Loop.

PayPal Spain Customer Loop

Customer Service, which we have phoned twice a week since mid November, hasn’t been much of a service.

They say they cannot access our account due to technical problems – every time, even though we can access the account daily without any problems.

Two Customer Service employees have submitted tickets to another department and state that the case is now out of their hands. When we ask for contact details to this department, they refuse to give any names or contact details.

They furthermore promise that they will resolve the issue in a day or two and phone us if they need further information. None of these promises have ever been fulfilled.

We are being sent around in a loop.

1. Since the 15th of November the Resolution Center has looked like this

Resolution Center

For almost 2 month the Photo ID and Proof of Address has been in progress and PayPals Customer Service state on the phone over and over again that everything they need has been supplied, but they cannot access the account and therefore we cannot get access to our money!

Needless to say that this information has been faxed to PayPal and they have confirmed having received it.

2. This is what happens when we click on “Photo Id – Resolve”

Photo Id – Resolve

3. This is what happens when you click on “Proof of address”

Again this information has been faxed, received and confirmed received by PayPal's Customer Service Spain (some of the conversations we have on tape) Yet PayPal keep sending letters saying “please go to the resolution center and resolve your limitation!”

See copy of letter from PayPal

To lift your receiving limit:

1. Log in to your PayPal account at
2. Click the "Resolution Center" tab and complete all required steps.

Please provide the requested information as soon as possible. Once all the steps have been completed, we will review your PayPal account and email you to let you know if we have sufficient information.

If you cannot complete these steps, click "Contact Us" to go to the Help Center for more information or to contact Customer Service.

We appreciate your business and apologize for any inconvenience.

Case ID Number: PP-001-094-038-135


PayPal Account Review Department

Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored and you will not receive a response. For assistance, log in to your PayPal account and click the Help link in the top right corner of any PayPal page.


4. When we look for the Resolution Center Case being reviewed by PayPal - The Resolution Center states “No case found”

5. When we click the Help link in the top right corner of any PayPal page – this is what happens

Help information isn't available in English yet!

6. Clicking on “contact us” brings up the same page and no contact information at all”.

How To Escape The PayPal Loop

Naturally all the above screen shots from our account have been sent to PayPal and all available avenues have been tried. Still we are waiting to get access to our money.

Every 5th or 6th day we receive an automated instruction in Spanish that sends us through the whole "Monty Phyton PayPal Show" all over again.

Did I mention that we cannot reply to these automated answers, as the email address is not monitored!

Frustration is a mild description of the state of mind my partner and I are experiencing, so if any of you readers can guide us through "how to escape the PayPal loop" please feel free to leave a comment.

For others who are experiencing the same I have found a few sites that you may find useful.

How we got out of the Spanish Paypal Loop

After what seemed to be an eternity - we were suddenly in Luck! We had send the case to all the PayPal addresses we could find, when we Googled "PayPal Contacts", and we got an answer from Ireland!

Thanks to the Irish office the case has now been resolved. We never had any useful answer from the Spanish PayPal, in fact they kept sending us automated answers quite a while after we got access to our money.

So I guess the advice is - should you ever get caught in the Spanish PayPal Loop contact PayPal Ireland - they have REAL PEOPLE answering you!

Thank you Ireland!


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    • A Dane in Spain profile imageAUTHOR

      Dorte Holm Jensen 

      6 years ago from Torrox, Malaga. Spain

      I am glad. Good for you JB.

      If there is such a thing as an Award for best customer service within PayPal - PayPal Ireland gets my vote! Well done PayPal Ireland!!!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      i had the exact same issue and IRELAND HELPED ME!!

    • A Dane in Spain profile imageAUTHOR

      Dorte Holm Jensen 

      6 years ago from Torrox, Malaga. Spain

      Suzie, you have my sympathy! I would however keep trying (not in Spain - that is a waste of time) to contact other PayPal offices like the headoffice in the United States or why not Ireland, they sorted it out for us. Anyway I wish you luck!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Exactly the same as above has happened to me, infact paypal have had hold of my money almost 2 years and i cannot get it back. I came out of my business then wanted to change my name to a personal name which was impossible. I also dont have any bills which are in my name so they wont accept this, all bills are in my husbands name. When i have tried to phone on many occasions they will not speak english which i think is bizarre a huge company like paypal. I just want my money

    • A Dane in Spain profile imageAUTHOR

      Dorte Holm Jensen 

      7 years ago from Torrox, Malaga. Spain

      Thanks Izzy. I hope so too! Do you need to have a UK address to be linked with PayPal in the UK?

    • IzzyM profile image


      7 years ago from UK

      I hate dealing with the Spanish! My Paypal is linked through the UK thank God so I haven't experienced the problems you have. That is awful and I hope you get it resolved soon.


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