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Paypal Hacking Affects 1% to 2% of Paypal Accounts-Pay pal Problems

Updated on October 11, 2014

Paypal Problems

Problems with Paypal, learn to protect your money.

Around the second week of October 2010 I attempted to log into my paypal account and it stated my email or password was incorrect. I thought maybe I kept putting in the wrong password so I attempted to change it by using my email. I put in the email I registered my account with and it then read my email was not the same as I registered with. I knew this wasnt right because I only had the same email. Things had came up and I was working alot so I disregarded it. I only had $60 bucks in my paypal acount anyhow.


Around mid November I attemted to log into my paypal account again and the same thing occured. I decided to phone paypal to see what the problem was. When I got a representative on the phone I explained to her of the problems that where happening. She tryed searching my paypal account with my email and it would not come up. I then told her I could give her my bank account number to pull up the account. The representative then did that. My account came up but someone had changed my email from to, on October 6th which red flaged paypal and they put a block on my account. The person also changed my bank account to a different bank account. I dont know if this bank account was stollen or belonged to the hacker. I know they didn't attempt to take any money out of my bank because my bank statements had not shown anything suspicious. The hacker also attempted to make a purchase on october 6th but paypal blocked it and didnt pay anything. The representative was very apoligetic. Out of curiosity I asked her how often this happens to people, she stated only about 1% to 2% of people who have a paypal account. Just my luck.

The paypal representative warmed me not to make my yahoo password the same as my paypal. Making your passwords the same is how alot of hackers get into peoples paypals accounts. They also stated there will be an investigation into this but alot of hackers are from other countrys and they allow this sort of thing to go on.


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