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Perfect place to raise a Family

Updated on April 13, 2014


One of my dreams is to raise a family in the countryside with a two story house on a few acres, located at the base of a mountain. I would have some type of livestock or breed my favorite animal, the horse. How perfect does that sound? There are many reasons that raising a family in the country is better, as opposed to the city. I could make a list of reason why raising a family in the city is not a great idea. Raising a family in the country offers benefits like safe small communities, family values, and the ability for kids to be kids.

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Country town communities

In the country, many towns have a small and safe community. Having a low population makes it easier for you to make connections and form relationships with people in the community. When you know everyone it makes the community stronger. People are willing to give you a helping hand when you need something-- For example, if you need a babysitter, or to have another parent pick up your kids from school. Those things tend to be much safer in the country, because no one is a stranger. There would be a stronger sense of trust among the people.

Hard-Working Ranchers
Hard-Working Ranchers | Source

Family Values

The values of raising a family in the country is different as well, compared to raising a family in the city. Most people who live in the country work hard for a living. Try being a rancher-- that is some tough work to do day in and day out. They make a good income for their families. Since they work hard for their income , they do not waste it on flashy things that they do not need. It’s a simple and rewarding way of life. If the family business is farming or breeding, the children grow up working with their parents, which gives the children a lifelong skill. The children grow up knowing the true meaning of a hard and honest day’s work.

Kids being Kids

Kids can be kids in the country. In the city kids do not really go outside and play. City kids normally spend most of their time inside and for many, if they go outside all they have is a small backyard, if they’re lucky. In the country kids have access to woods, fields, rivers, hills and other cool random places that country living offers. With access to those places where they can play, the sky's the limit for them. You don’t have to worry about kids playing by themselves in the woods. Well, that is not entirely true-- you would have to worry about the occasional dirty clothes, scrapes, bumps and minor cuts. Other than that kids can have fun and use their imaginations. Greatest of all, they would be outside, running, playing and enjoying all the weather.


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As you can see country living could be a awesome experience. There are many benefits that raising a family in the country can offer. Next time you have a talk with your romantic partner about where you should raise a family, tell him or her that the country offer a safer community, has good hard-working people, and would be amazing for kids and the whole family.


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    • KennethWalker profile image

      Kenny Walker 3 years ago from Ann Arbor, MI

      lol thank you for catching that kaiyan717 :)

    • kaiyan717 profile image

      kaiyan717 3 years ago from West Virginia

      I think you mean raise and raising :)