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Personal Investment In Your Future

Updated on September 13, 2009

Invest In Your Future So You Can Watch Sunsets

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Smart investing can lead to many many nights of sunset watching like this....Its your Choice!
Smart investing can lead to many many nights of sunset watching like this....Its your Choice!
Smart investing can lead to many many nights of sunset watching like this....Its your Choice!

Invest In Your Future

 Invest in your future.  I am sure you have heard that a million times.  I will not make this a long read as I will try to keep it short and simple.  The stock market is slowly on the rebound right now and money is to be made.  Allot of people are afraid to invest or do not know where to start.  When I first started investing over 20 years ago I was just as scared and I did not have allot of money but I made that first step.   The best step anybody can make is to research something easy like buying stocks.  Lots and Lots of companies and banks and various name brand broker agencies have great offers on opening up an investment account. One of my favorites allows you to invest a minimum of $4 a month into just about any stock that is available.   

The reason for this hub is that people who know me, know I am all about investing in your future because that is where money can be made, but yes you can lose money also.  The best example that I have for all the hubbers here is AIG.   This stock was trading at .20 cents earlier this year.   This stock is now trading at over $35/ share.    Lets just say you had $4 to invest when it was at $.20cents a share     For every dollar you invest at .20 cents a share you would receive 5 shares of AIG.  At $4/share you would have 20 shares of AIG.   So as time goes on, you forget about that $4 you invested earlier this year, and you come across this hub and start to read about investing in your future and you remember that purchase from earlier in the year.    That $4 investment is now worth, an estimated $700.      Yes that is $700.  If you had just bought one share it would be worth $35 today on a .20 cent purchase.        Again that is just an estimate, but those figures are close to the real thing because as of a few days ago AIG was trading at over $40/share.   You don't have to have allot of money to invest is my point, and its hard to find those penny stocks that will turn into a nice return, but they are out there.    So Please invest in your future, look for a brokerage firm that offers investment services at little to no charge.   There are lots and lots of companies out there. I use 3 different investment firms myself to keep my options open at all times.   The stock market is rebounding and we can all be apart of this rebound and make some money the hub way.


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