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Poetic last name Hades, my Big Boy Revival Scooter.

Updated on August 7, 2015

Poetic last name Hades.


Poetic last name Hades, My Big Boy Revival Scooter.

Poetic last name Hades, My Big Boy Revival Scooter.

With Gods Grace, I purchased you 2012 on the 1st of July, on

my baby sister Bongiwe dearest 32nd. birthday.

You have dropped me 4 times.

Yet because I respect your existence, I has minor injuries, which

healed within days.

You have a 4 liter engine.

Using 95 unleaded fuel.

A full tank which cost 50 ZAR gives us 100 kilometers.

You are amazing.

We visit my guardians.

We go to work.

We do groceries.

We park you at the gautrain station, then travel by train to Rosebank

or Pretoria.

You always get me home safely.

Thank you Poetic last name Hades, for all the joy you

bring into my world.

Your memory is engraved in my realm of happiness.


Cherish all that is in your world.

Reflect meditate say your prayers.

Plan and visualize your dreams and goals in your mind.

When your aspirations come to life be grateful.

Keep dreaming, as long as consciousness ‎embodies

the flesh.

Ps. ‎Thank You to AA Membership for always reacting promptly

When my scooter is bruised from wear and tear.

Gods Poet Nkosi.

Nkosinathi Ncala.


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