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Poopie Ways to Save Money on Pooper Scoopers

Updated on July 20, 2010

My latest pet was a rottweiler. I'd let him out into the backyard in the mornings to do his thing and would go pick up the poop shortly after. Didn't want him running around outside and end up stepping in his poop. After all, afterwards he'd come back inside and would go out whenever he wanted to. The most recent dogs I took care of weren't mine but a friend of mine. She had a total of five pit bulls (the mother and her four pups). When they go boo-boo well, I wasn't the kind of person that left the poop. It's nice to everyone to pick up after your pet or a pet you are watching for someone else. If it were your poop, you wouldn't let it just sit in the toilet bowl, you'd flush it. And pets don't have means to pick up their poop at least I wouldn't train a dog to. That's nasty because even after you'd want to wash its paws or mouth. Ewww! Thankfully that's not how animals do things. So, someone's got to do the "flushing" and that's the pet owner/pet caretaker (you).

One Way of Saving Money on Pooper Scoopers

How did I go about cleaning up dog poop? Well I did have that grey scooper and have used the ones where you don't have to bend down (like the ones to the right). The problem was, I didn't like the idea of having to clean off the scooper because it needed cleaning. Shouldn't leave it dirty not more you should leave a toilet bowl dirty. It needed to be cleaned and I didn't like that at all. It's nasty enough to have to pick up the poop. But then to have to clean the scooper was just ridiculous to me. So I decided to just go back to the old ways of doing things regarding picking up dog poop and that way is using something so simple as a trash bag (I used brown hefty bags at times). You put your hand in the trash bag, and pick up the poop. And when you are done picking up the poop you dispose of not just the poop but the bag as well. So there's no cleaning the bag like I had to clean the pooper scoopers. And the bags I had bought anyway so it saved me money regarding the water bill not having to clean that scooper and didn't have to pay extra for proper cleaning supplies of the scooper. Cool, huh?

Grocery Bags to Pick Up Dog Poop to Save more Money

We all go to the grocery store to buy food and if you either forgot to bring your green/recycle bags to the store with you or just never purchased a few, then the bagger will bag your groceries with their plastic bags (or sometimes brown paper bags). And instead of throwing those bags away, think about how you can save money on regular trash bags and also save more money not having to buy a pooper scooper of any kind along with proper cleaning supplies -- and reuse those plastic bags (and/or brown paper bags) to pick up dog poop. These bags you can dispose of along with the poop. Easy and very practical ways to save money when comparing it to dog scoopers along with the scoopers needing to be cleaned. Not only will you save money but you don't have to worry about cleaning the bag like you need to eventually do with a pooper scooper product found in many department stores, pet stores, and stores online. Ditch those and save yourself the cleaning hassle and the money by making use of things you would otherwise normally throw away (the grocery plastic or brown paper bags).

How to Pick up Dog Poop with a Grocery Bag

How I did it was to first ensure the bag didn't have any holes. Once determined no holes, then I turned the bag inside out, put my hand inside of it like a glove and picked up the poop at one time. After all, it was only a handful or less anyway unless you are the type to wait til the end of the day to clean up the dog poo if done in your yard. If you are out an about and the dog poops on other people's property or public property, then please do the right thing and take a bag with you and pick it up. Unused grocery bags you can put in your pockets until you are ready to use them and dispose of them immediately after you've picked up the poop. Clean up after your pet or the pet you are watching.

Back to the instructions, once you pick up the poop it will be in your hand that's covered in plastic, then bring the bag handles from your wrist back over your hand so that it is back in its original state (not covering your hand). This will instantly transition the poop into the bag without you doing anything special. Tie the bag and dispose. That simple. All done without poop getting on your hands and without you needing to wash the bag because the bag with the poop in it goes in the trash.

And then go wash your hands anyway. No different if you were to go poop in the toilet, after you wipe your self (and in this case you don't even use a glove but rather you hope for the best when you use tissue that it will be enough to not tear while you're wiping) you wash your hands. Or at least you should. Same thing with "flushing" (picking up) your pet's poop.

Save More Money Using Newspapers vs Dog Scoopers vs Gloves

There's not much to say about this one. It's relatively going on the whole idea as the plastic bags or trash bags. You will save money and time with this option as well. No cleaning just use and dispose. So spoken of here are two ways to save money and time when it comes to "flushing" (picking up) pet poop. I wouldn't recommend getting gloves unless they are disposable ones. Otherwise, you'd have to clean the reusable gloves. But buying gloves isn't exactly the idea I had in mind of how you can save money. It's just easier to use what is given to you free at the grocery store (plastic bags/brown paper bags) or if you subscribe to newspapers or get one regularly use that and save your time and money for something else. What you don't have to pay for is a sure way to help you save money.


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