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Poor Planning and Bad Decisions Can Ruin A Perfectly Good Life

Updated on October 18, 2009

Losing Everything To A Dream

Did you, unknowingly, compromise your retirement goals with poor planning and bad decisions? Did you continue on the path of destruction, or stop and look at the reality of it all? What does it take to become a good decision maker? How many bad choices does it take before people get smart?

Who is to blame? There must be someone, something – it's always the other guy's fault! Right? Wrong! Taking responsibility for actions and choices, is important and applaudable, yet most likely, the most difficult undertaking in life.

Many people appear to be happy with the blessings that were bestowed on them. But deep inside, emotionally, they are hurting. This is particularly when they give up everything to follow a dream.

Some people have everything; everything material that is. Lives filled with material objects sometimes become empty and lonely; having a sterile quality. Without love and purpose, all things tend to become meaningless. Nothing is valued, commitment is just a word, and life seems to be stale and stagnant. Often times relationships are destroyed in the quest for happiness. Safe surroundings are thrown to the wayside, and a devastating journey begins.

What is Happiness?

Some people define happiness as a state of mind; others as a place or feeling, while others believe happiness is found in material assets. Perhaps happiness is only an illusion in our minds, like looking through rose colored glasses. Or, maybe happiness is something else, a gene that dominates people's outlook on life. Whatever happiness it is very real, at least to some.

Looking for happiness can involve many experiences and jagged paths. What appears to be happiness might turn out as just another scam with a high price. The journey can cause sorrow, disillusion, and disrespect for oneself, and others.

Many suggest happiness comes from within, and cannot be bought, borrowed or sold. In other words, if you are unhappy, the blame lies within you. Although this may be true, finding and executing a plan to achieve longterm happiness might come with yet another price tag. You might be faced with challenges and opposition. Ghosts of your past may haunt you, and the demons inside you gnaw at your soul. And, just when you 'think' you've got a hold on happiness, you run into the biggest obstacle -- “yourself.”

Must we put away our dreams in order to find happiness? No! The world needs dreamers and believers, as some of the most successful and innovative ventures were begun by dreamers. However, dreamers sometimes live in a fantasy world, and are easily swayed or influenced. Believers and dreamers are open and free thinking people; just maybe, the grass really is greener on the other side of the fence. They look for that silver lining, or pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. However, more often than not, they pay a price, a very big price.

Making bad decisions and choices late in life may be the worst. Sometimes aging people decide to give up everything they worked for, to follow a dream. In most probablilty, these would stem from promises or unfulfilled desires. Unrealized aches can get you into trouble! Wishes and dreams should be wrapped in lace with satin ribbons, to bring smiles on rainy days. They should not be allowed to become conjoin with the present; the here and now. The past is just that, it's over. Whether things were fulfilled or not, need to be locked away and remain silent and separate.

If this understanding is too late, and the wrong path has already been chosen, the final portion of a person's life may be filled with regret and shame. The 'Cinderella' happy ever after illusion exists only in dreams. It is a trick of the subconscious, a desire, but is forever out of our grasp.

Because time was allowed to pass by, sprinkled with poor planning and bad choices, this may be the end of the journey. Constant and continued poor planning can turn success, financial security, and happiness into nothing more than a wish. People can wind up as brokenhearted old fools, with no time remaining to rectify or alter their disastrous choices.

When life nears the end of its journey, it can laugh at and mock people for all their foolish choices. There is no time to change the consequences of poor planning or inept actions. Misguided and heedless decisions have no forgiveness; the eyes of blame stare back at you.

Is happiness tangible, is happiness real? I believe the answer to both is 'yes.' But, I also believe, happiness is disguised and illusive within the decisions we make. Proper planning and choices dictate the amount of happiness we might expect to capture.

Happiness is not a stand-alone state-of-affair; happiness or unhappiness does not live without decisions. Choices simulate puzzle pieces, in that one lost piece of life's puzzle, soul can mushroom into one bad decision after another.

The wheels of life keep turning, and decisions determine its outcome. Plan the steps of life deliberately and choose wisely. Poor planning can brand relentless and vengeful footprints on your soul. Foolish decisions remain with and remind you where you've been, what you've done, and can suffocate happiness. Poor planning and bad choices can erase happiness from people's lives.


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