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Possible Solution to the Student Loan Debt Crisis

Updated on December 13, 2018

What is Student Loan Debt?

Student loan debt is a debt owed by a student when that student borrows money from the federal government or a lender for educational expenses and haven't paid it off.

Into the Debt Crisis

Many people already know that student loan debt is a serious crisis in America.
Students are swimming in debt to a tune of 1.5 trillion US Dollars. That's a lot of coin.
Students are trying to manage work, life, school, rent (For those not in dorms), insurance, and all types of other obligations into their lives. And quite frankly many students are finding it hard to succeed in life. Many of them are now homeless or living with relatives.

My opinion on the student loan debt crisis

With student loan debt continuing to expand, I'd like to give my insight into the current situation and possible solutions for the current Student loan debt crisis in America.

Personally, I don't see the student loan debt going anywhere anytime soon.
There seems to be a lot of prop-up or falsified information surrounding the subject matter. This seems to allow a lot of colleges to become wealthy with consistent enrollment while using a lot of false narratives.

Breaking Down the student loan debt

To break down a lot of student loan debt.
The debt is held in part by some who didn't graduate or those that got the degrees and can't get career jobs. Some have careers and went into default because they were overwhelmed by student loan debt obligations. Others have been manipulated by schools or recruitment proceedings and didn't meet the requirements but were still issued loans. While many were simply living unfortunate before the debt and unable to get grants had to settle for the loans along with the debt.

And among the worst, student loan scam artist that are living high profile lavish lives off the dime of the American people.
Some even scheming in order to receive tax benefits. Others were getting loans without any intent to pay them back letting them fall into collects and then apply for new loans several years later and receiving them without question.

Howard Universities Tyrone Hankerson Jr. He reportedly stole an estimate of nearly five hundred thousand dollars in financial aid. But just as Hankerson Jr, Twenty-seven-year-old Sibongile Mani reportedly stole one million eighty thousand dollars in US currency in financial aid after going on a spending spree in the summer of 2017. So this is basically the demographic of the debt holders of student financial aid in the US.

Government Overspending

These issues plague the educational financial system along with government over-spending.
The government seems to have been giving loans away to anyone that applied for them with a high school diploma or GED without any investigation what so ever into the lives of the potential or current students. This could be due to government corruption or simply mismanagement. It's something that the United States Education Department and FAFSA should probably look into.

My thoughts on the reasons people go to college

First off, from what I understand. People are going to college to party, meet people, get degrees, public status and for the jobs and lifestyles that they want. This goes to say without some if not at all any planning for the future.

What I think some students tend to do

Some students see themselves in their career jobs and making their inspired quoted salaries.
They don't seem to peer into the future of things at all. Often times student place wants over needs. They obsess over having materialistic things and aim for more trending items and less on just having clothes shoes or food as a necessity, but on brands themselves. They tend to overspend going out to eat and whatnot while trying to maintain specific images to others. These behavior trends tend to lead to financial disparity and depression.

Now, With so much accumulating student loan debt in America and not enough solutions.
I thought I'd come up with a few possible solutions for students and government on the current student loan debt crisis.

Solution for Students

1. Try Minimalizing
Getting a tiny house or a convert like a bus or a van maybe even a small trailer.
With a few Goal Zero batteries and some solar panels.

Couple Pays Off 96k in Student Loan Debt from Minimalizing

2. Skill Careers (For enrolling student or return students)
Try focusing on a career that will give you skills to open a business. Not on careers with the jobs.No matter the markets. Opening a small business could be lucrative.

3. Open a thrifty business
This business often involves making something from hand and later selling it for profit.

4.Smart Purchases
Avoid buying or paying for anything that you don't need.
That also means going out to eat.

5. Try to buy everything you need
That means, no renting anything.
And if you have to rent, Make sure it's rent to own. That also means to avoid any unnecessary bills. That also means no cable or satellite. Including no unnecessary foods. These things also go along with smart purchases.

6. Don't buy foods, Try to cook them.
There are plenty of recipes online for every food you can imagine.
If you want Doritos chips.
It would be cheaper to make your own.
If you want Pizza, Burritos, mac, and cheese. It's always cheaper to make rather than buying premade.

These tips should help some out with student loan debt.

Suggestions for Government

As far as the government is concerned.
Personally, I believe all college courses should be moved to online courses instead of campuses. And get actual companies to start their own training programs in which if the student passes they get the jobs. This will grant guaranteed employment for career seekers. The financial aid will go to the companies for training their future employees. This will allow students to not only get the career they want. But also give student hands-on, On the job experiences. And all books to be ebooks on a single flash drive. So instead of a book costing three hundred dollars, It will cost Fifty dollars.
Allow free high school diplomas for dropouts if they finish the courses later in life.
As far as the old campuses are concerned.
As students are trained by companies.
They will live in the dorms.
The libraries will be used reference books.
Old classrooms for rental conference halls, party halls, or museum exhibits.
Science labs for test experiments.
Even the teachers can use them to as lecture rooms with cameras. Not only could the reach students in Africa. But students learning online all across the country. This will allow campuses to charge people all over the world. Minus lectures on nuclear physics or something that is important for this country. But I believe we can allow certain medical courses. Even courses in history or mathematics. There are plenty of options to choose from. This will open up a lot of jobs to many people in our armed forces and students in debt, and assist with the economy. Reducing the cost of resources, meaning less aid more opportunity.

Asisstence for Student Financial Debt

If you're in student financial debt right now.

Here are a few websites that maybe able to assist you.

Poll to see if our readers are effected by student loan debt

Does student loan debt effect you?

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    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 

      6 months ago from sunny Florida

      Interesting thoughts. I had a student loan. It was a National Defense Loan and I have not researched to see if they still exist. It was a loan that allowed me to borrow money and if I taught in a lower socio-economic school I would cancel portions of my loan. Which I did. And I ended up paying a tiny fraction of what I owed. Angels are headed your way this morning. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a most blessed 2019. ps


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