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President Trump's Tax Returns

Updated on April 5, 2019

The REAL question is why??? Why does Trump want to battle with IRS regs all the way to the Supreme Court (assuming they would take the case, which I doubt)? What is so damning, so conflicting, so negative, for Trump want to battle for?

Usually, a person who has this devout opposition to anything is trying to hide something that could be construed as illegal or shady or would confirm the suspicions of many. Even the most far right devout supporter of Trump cannot deny this reason as a possibility. Like the Mueller report battle that is looming, if it starts to look like a cover-up, that only creates more suspicion no matter what Trump states or what his attorney's state. It comes down to why?

Trump's inability to tell the truth or tell only truths that support him is well documented and known. When he stated long ago that he could not released them due to an audit, that was just BS, especially when he was a candidate and all the others did release theirs. That is what was suppose to happen, yet the Republican party did not have the guts to demand it. What Trump did release was nothing more than a vague accounting summary of his financials, not remotely the same as a IRS tax return. Tax returns can should irregularities, conflicts of interest, and incorrect IRS interpretations of code. It could show everything was in order. It can go either way.

But Trump is acting like a dishonest man and as Cohen stated, he remains worried about releasing them because of the scrutiny they would be under. A person with nothing to hide of wrong doing just releases them, like all others have, they do not fight "tooth and nail" as he plans to do. It makes any one who is unbiased become suspicious.

The Republicans are acting like this is the revenge of the Democrats for a failed Mueller report. Finny thing is, the Mueller report did not clear Trump of obstruction charges. Barr did, but come on, Trump appointed Barr and he is NOT unbiased. Why don't the Republicans want to know whether their man, Trump, is crooked or not? Is this all just political? Are they just afraid about the real truth about their man and then embarrassed by the results.

On May 20, 2014, Trump said he would release this tax returns if he was a candidate, yet, when he really was, we found out it was just more BS from the king of BS. Demanding the IRS to release his returns are not harassment as Trump claims but oversight that was absent for two years when the Republicans had both houses.

Trump lost two tax fraud cases in New York. That alone should make all Americans concerned. POTUS is a tax criminal. If he was willing to defraud the IRS, there is nothing this guy would not do. His tax returns would show transactions between his real estate business, much of it in other countries. His company has worked with some shady Russians that were later charged in Federal Court.

And if the IRS really is auditing Trump, why have they not simply commented on this because when the IRS sends out a Audit notice, it simply states the person is under an audit and nothing more.

Odds are, Trump is not under any audit and Trump will fight to the end because he is hiding something. One can just smell it.


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