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The Lottery Pros and Cons of Playing - Is it worth my time? The Lotto Black Book

Updated on October 26, 2011

Money is an integral part of our everyday lives. We need money to support ourselves and our families. The amount of money needed will differ from person to person. Some people may be satisfied "just getting by", whereas others may want to live a more luxurious lifestyle. The bottom line is that people have goals, and money allows people to achieve those goals quicker and easier.

The infamous Lotto, game of luck. The lottery has been a popular way for people to "get rich quick" for many years. Who doesn't find the idea of turning five bucks into fifty million overnight attractive? That's what I thought. However, it isn't that simple. Not everyone can win, or money would soon become value-less. Some may even argue that it has always been value-less.

Others, however, feel the need to make as much money as possible. The ease of buying a cheap lottery ticket and hoping that you are the lucky winner is a great form of entertainment for people who have big hopes and dreams. However, not many of these people understand the value of making "luck" chase after you. I know of one man who has made luck chase him in his lifetime. His name is Larry Blair, and he is a professor in Oklahoma.

Larry Blaire did his research, and he learned everything he could about the companies that make money from average citizens who love to play the lotto. Through his research, he concluded with his very own successful pattern used to win the lottery multiple times! After practicing his pattern and actually seeing results, his life became in danger. He became famous, almost overnight, and people wanted to know how he won the lottery three times. He was even attacked by two men and shot in the foot, just because they wanted to know what he knows about the lottery.

Now, Larry always gives the same advice: "Do not invite unnecessary trouble by showing off your wealth". These are words to live by. The less people that know, the better. Larry is also a strong advocate of donating to charity organizations. If you happen to be successful at the lottery, donate a percentage of your winnings to a charity of your choice. 

The Lotto Black Book

Larry Blaire is a math genius. He spends more than ten hours every single day playing around with his formulas. Since no system is perfect, he claims that he has found a recognizeable flaw in the lottery system. He also makes the claim that $5 and a few weeks of implementing his strategy is enough to win a jackpot!

Now, I know how all of this sounds. Believe me, up until learning about Larry Blaire, I always scolded friends of mine for wasting their money on the lottery. However, now I realize that making logical choices about what numbers you play in the lotto goes hand in hand with the results you will receive. It is really that simple, and Larry Blaire is the one who can show you the way. If you don't believe me, see for yourself. It's time to strike it BIG!

Win the Lotto!


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