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Provident Reviews - Provident Personal Credit Loans Examined

Updated on March 13, 2012


If you want Provident reviews and information on their loans then you are in the right place. Here we will review Provident Personal Credit and see exactly what this company has to offer. We will look at Provident scams, talk about the loans Provident offer and basically see whether or not Provident loans are a good option if you are looking to borrow some money.

In this article we will also take a look at what Provident customers think of the company and get some balanced views on what kind of company this really is. If you are thinking about taking out a Provident loan then this guide should give you all the information you need in order to make a well informed decision. But first of all let’s take a closer look at Provident Personal Credit.

Provident Personal Credit


Provident are basically a loan company. They specialise is small short term loans and have a reputation for lending money to people who may be struggling to get a loan from elsewhere. The company do have some very expensive loan rates which means you will be paying a large amount of interest. However, if you can’t get money from any other source them Provident loans are a very viable option to most people.

The company also provide an invaluable service to many people. When you take out a loan with Provident, the money is delivered to your door. You will meet your own personal agent who will call round once a week to pick up the repayments. In theory the company offer simple easy to understand loans that are easy to pay back and should give the customer minimum hassle. When you first take out a loan with the company you are only offered between £100 and £500 depending upon your circumstances. If you make regular payments then you will have the option of taking out more loans and borrowing more money.

Over the years Provident have come in for various attacks from the media and financial watchdogs. This is basically because they charge so much interest. However as mentioned earlier they do offer a good level of service and even if you have a poor credit rating there is still a good chance you will be able to get a loan. But in reality how do the company really rate?

Provident Reviews

We have taken a look at several reviews from various locations. We have talked to customers, agents and even staff of the company. So below are some of the positive and negative features of Provident. As you would expect there are some mixed reviews, but in the interest of a balanced view we have included opinions from both sides.

First of all then some negative views. It seems that many people complain about the process of applying for a loan. Provident claim it is a simple process but there are numerous complaints of people not showing up when they have promised to, money not being delivered on time and people generally being messed about.

Another complaint that a few people have mentioned is problems with the agents who collect money. Provident are supposed to provide all customers with a payment book, when the agent collects the money they will mark it off in the payment book and sign it. This is your proof that you have made a payment. Some people have said they never receive a payment book and then even claimed that they pay the agent and then find out that the money is not being paid of their loan. The agent simply pockets the money and reports back that the customer is not paying.

When reading through reviews of Provident Personal Credit the biggest complaint is the interest rates. People claim they are very high and a real rip off. Some people also claim that the loan forms are very difficult to understand and the repayments are not always made clear by the agent giving out the loan.

On the other hand, there are also many positive reviews of Provident. Many people say that their agent is friendly and reliable and always willing to help out with any problems. People comment that although the interest rates are high, they are explained well and it made very clear exactly how much the repayment will be.

One thing that quite a few people mention is how easy Provident are to deal with. They call round at a time that suits your needs, are friendly and helpful. Many people say that they have actually become good friends with their agents. People who pay the loans back on time have said they have no problems getting more loans and they say this is a very easy process.

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Information About Agents

Since originally writing this article on Provident reviews we have received some new information about agents and why they may be causing a few problems. One of the issues that we mentioned as to people complaining was that after applying for a loan, someone never shows up to give sort the loan out. This is probably due to the agent not wanting to loan money to you. Agents are given ‘leads’ for new customers. This is basically the information you have put in online or when ringing up to request alone. So they may turn up at your address and for some reason decide they don’t want you as a customer. Something they are totally entitled to do. The reason for this may be the area you live in does not look safe, maybe you live in a flat with limited access, maybe they have had a customer before at this address and they were not a good customer. There could be any number of reasons why an agent turns up at your address and thinks ‘no thankyou, I don’t want you as a customer’.

This may seem odd to us as surely any customers are good for agents. However this is not the case. In recent times agents have started to actually get charged when customers slip into arrears. If a new customer falls far enough behind an agent will get penalised £15. This has lead to agents being more selective with new customers they sign up. In also explains why there have been more complaints of agents being more forceful in demanding payment. If you do not pay, they are going to lose out, in some cases they can end up working for nothing.

These recent changes have brought new light to some of the reviews we have looked at. There are reasons why people are not getting the loans they ask for, there are reasons why collectors are becoming more aggressive with certain customers. The fact still remains though, that despite these changes, these cases seem to be in the minority and not the majority.

Provident Reviews Overall Conclusions


After reading several reviews from a variety of different people, it is very clear that Provident are a good reliable company, however they do have some unscrupulous agents. If you get a good reliable agent collecting your money then you really should have no problems with this company. However if you do come up against a poorly trained, unreliable agent then you may have some problems.

One thing that has come across is that if you do have a poor agent, then you can request another one call instead. There are often several Provident agents working in the same area, if you are a good reliable customer then other agents will have no problems taking you onto their books. Simply ring up the local office and tell them your concerns.

When it comes to the loan interest and repayments, it is clear that these are high. However, it is also clear that if you can not get a loan from anywhere else then Provident really are a good option. The service this company provide is a simple easy to use one and the company on the whole are very reliable. Although some people have had some very negative experiences with Provident it seems that overall they are a good reliable company. Just make absolutely sure you know what you are signing up for when you take out a Provident loan.


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    • profile image

      fuming housewife 

      4 years ago

      provident agent let me down again says she will text me about a loan after I text her yet again she does not responed I pay on time every week and I get this service

    • profile image

      Jay Langley 

      7 years ago


      Provident should, in no way what-so-ever, be issuing credit a lady that is 82 years old.

      Their responsible lending guidelines by the Office of Fair Trading make clear that they should be considering factors such as age and vulnerability.

      I would contact the Consumer Credit Association and seek advice.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      What can I do if provident agreed a loan with a 82 year old women with dementia , not just one loan but 4

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      The agents are no where near as unscrupulous as the higher management, their aim is to push and push agents to lend to families who cannot afford to pay what they already do, if an agent objects and says this will cause this family real financial hardship they are shown the door, and a manager is sent out to do it, after many years as an agent I have never known it to be this bad.

    • monicamelendez profile image


      8 years ago from Salt Lake City

      Wow they come out to complete the agreement in your home? That's actually pretty nice. I haven't seen anything like that around the place where I live.

    • andyoz profile imageAUTHOR

      Andrew Orrell 

      8 years ago from UK

      The agent must complete the credit agreement in your actual home, but for picking up payments they can pick up from a different address or even a place of work. Obviuously it has to be somewhere the agent Provident agent is comfortable going, for instance you can't say come to the pub and I'll pay you there.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      can your agent meet you elsewhere other than your home?


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