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Public Libraries: A Gold Mine for Savings

Updated on October 14, 2011
Saving money through visiting a public library.
Saving money through visiting a public library. | Source

Public offers great amenities that many people have forgotten about in the recent years. With the increase in discretionary spending money, many people simply bought books they were interested in reading. Having internet at home became a necessity instead of a want. Since the recession has hit, people are looking for ways to cut back on their spending. Below are some ways that public libraries can help save money.


Instead of buying books are a bookstore, you can get them for free for a couple weeks at your library. Membership is free for town residents and you can check out as many books as you desire. This may even expand your reading interests since you do not have to buy the books. Some libraries also offer ebooks for your ereader owners.

If you really enjoy a book, you may be able to purchase it from the library at a greatly discounted price. This not only saves you money, but you are investing in your community as well.

If you do not use the internet very often or are looking to cut it out of your budget, most libraries offer public internet access. If you do not have a computer there are some available, including printers. You can also bring your own and use the internet provided.

Looking to cut out movie rentals? Most libraries offer movies as well.


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    • Springboard profile image

      Springboard 6 years ago from Wisconsin


    • fancifulashley profile image

      fancifulashley 6 years ago

      As you have said, we pay for public libraries with our taxes. So if we do not use the services they provide, we are, in essence, throwing that money away.

    • Springboard profile image

      Springboard 6 years ago from Wisconsin

      Something we often forget about. And our TAXES go to supporting the local library, so even if it's technically not TOTALLY free, it's still much more economical than buying the latest book we are interested in reading. Thanks for the reminder.