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Make Money Fast: Top Tips for Earning Extra Cash

Updated on March 1, 2018
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Galaxy has been a freelance writer for five years. She is always looking for ways to save money, invest and increase her finances.

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I Need Money and I Need it now.

I don't think there are many people in the world who haven't been short of cash at some point in their lives. But what can you do about it? How do you make some money fast when you don't have any? What can you do to get a little or a lot of extra cash in a hurry?

Read on to see if any of the following suggestion could work for you.

1.) Sell something. Have a look through your home and I'll bet you can find at least six things that are worth a bit of money that you don't want or need anymore. You can list them on eBay for free quite often, put them up for no more than twenty-four hours if you want quick cash. Make a catchy listing page, make people want what you don't. You have to make whatever it is you are selling seem like the best thing since sliced bread.

Take at least two good quality pictures. Use words like - much sought after - sale - limited. Include free postage/shipping. It isn't really free you just add a little extra to the price. You can sell anything, I have even seen a bucket of Bristol water that sold on eBay. I live in Bristol and I can tell you there is nothing special about our water.

You can also sell unwanted stuff on Amazon, Facebook, Gumtree in fact that are many, many ways to sell online. You can even simply put up a notice in a local shop, this works well if the item you are selling is too big to ship. Just make sure to never meet a buyer alone, you can never be too careful.

2.) Get a job. Sounds simple but we all know that isn't true. But there are still jobs out there, you just have to be a lot more flexible these days. Be prepared to work odd hours, early morning or night shifts. If you can work behind a bar then you can more than likely pick up a few shifts in your local bar or pub.

Make up some cards with your name and contact number on and leave them in every local shop, cafe, bar etc. Put up an advertisement for yourself in shop windows and on notice boards. Why not try dog walking, car washing or lawn cutting? If you can why not offer to pet sit for people who go away on holiday, a lot of pet owners would rather leave a cat or dog with someone in a home than give their precious pets to a kennel.

3.) Equity release. Is a great idea if you don't have any children to leave your home to. There are a lot of good firms that will buy part of your home from you and still let you live in it until you want to move or you pass on. Why sit in a house worth a small fortune and go without things because you are asset rich but cash poor. Equity release doesn't mean you are selling your home, you still own it and can continue to live in your home. When you die or decide to sell the house, any money left after the amount owed to the equity release company belongs to you.

4.) If you really need some cash in a hurry, why not pawn a piece of jewellery or two? It might sound a bit desperate but pawn shops are an easy and safe way to get some quick cash.Their interest rates are nowhere near as high as some of the payday loan companies that operate.

If you have some old bits of gold or silver that you never wear and really don't want anymore, then pawning them, with no intention of ever getting them back, is as good as selling them. Remember that pawn shops will take most things - not just jewellery. This can be a very good solution if you need a quick injection of extra cash. Of course, if you find yourself with extra money later on then you can always get your things back from the pawnbrokers.

Avoid get Rich Quick Schemes.

No matter how desperate you are there are some things that are just not worth the risk. Never spend money on make money fast schemes. The internet is littered with get rich quick schemes, just send $20!!!! or £15!!!! or whatever, for the secret to living like a millionaire in just six weeks. Been there, read the testimonials, lost my money and didn't even get a t-shirt. They do not make you money - they make the people selling them money - your money. Avoid them like the plague. They are simply not worth the risk.

Protect Your Money in Crowds. Stay Safe.

After making a little extra cash you really want to hold on to it and protect it. Don't forget when out shopping in a crowd to always tuck your purse well down into your handbag. When you do come to pay for something at the till don't don't make it too obvious that you have much cash on you, keep smaller amounts of money in different compartments of your purse or wallet. Don't make things easy for thieves. Don't lose the money you have managed to make. I have had a purse stolen and it is a very unpleasant experience.

Stay safe when taking money out of ATM machines, if possible use one inside the bank. Always shield your pin number, remember thieves can be anywhere. Money is hard to come by, so protect it and yourself.

Have you ever had your purse or wallet stolen?

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© 2010 Galaxy Harvey


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