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How-to-Guide to QuickBooks Data Conversion

Updated on March 23, 2018

QuickBooks Data Conversion

QuickBooks Data Conversion is one of the most important as well as critical steps that you need to carefully follow while moving from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop. While converting the existing company file for any of the versions of QuickBooks Desktop accounting software, there are chances that you can encounter incidents of data loss, data damage or data corruption.

And, to prevent any of such adversites, there are a defined set of guidelines that need to be followed to have smooth QuickBooks data conversion for QuickBooks Desktop. And, in case, if you are not technically acquainted with the technical aspects of QuickBooks Desktop and Online, then it’s always wise to take help from a reputed and reliable QuickBooks support services provider.


Key Considerations for QuickBooks Data Conversion

If you want to migrate from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop then there are a few well-defined process that you need to follow while importing and exporting company file.

Requirements for Exporting Data from QuickBooks Online to Desktop

  • You need to have the US version of QuickBooks Online.
  • Before starting the data conversion process, make sure that you are the Company Administrator or Master Administrator.
  • You should have the supported version of QuickBooks Desktop accounting software installed either on your personal computer or cloud server on which you are importing QuickBooks data.
  • The Windows Operating System that you are using should be of 64 bit version
  • You need to have ActiveX for exporting data from QuickBooks Online

Preparation for QuickBooks Data Conversion

Before converting data of QuickBooks Online for the Desktop version, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Sign in to the company file of QuickBooks Online
  2. Select Gear icon and click on Export Data option of the menu
  3. Click on Get Started icon
  4. Before preparing export, install and activate ActiveX
  5. Now, click on Install ActiveX Control
  6. When there is a pop up of Installation Confirmation, click on Continue button
  7. Now, request you data section page, and review how QuickBooks data will be modified and changed after the completion of export process
  8. Then, click on continue
  9. At this stage, click on the contact information button and then click on Continue
  10. Now, click Close

Steps to Export Data from QuickBooks Online

  • From the Homepage of QuickBooks company file, select Gear icon and click on Export Data
  • Now, click on the Get Started menu, and click on Continue
  • Now, select the data that you want to export and then click on Continue
  • In the page named, Exporting from QuickBooks Online page, click on Continue to Download
  • Now, verify the version of QuickBooks Desktop on which you are exporting data and see that it is open with no sitting company file open. And in case, company file is open then you need to close it
  • Now, click on the Download option
  • At this point in time, you will see a pop up named Save Company File, where you need to select the location where you want to store export_company file
  • When the download of the export file is completed, you need to click on Convert Now
  • After the conversion process is finished, you need to click on the Finish button


Want to Upgrade from the earlier QuickBooks Desktop version to the All New QuickBooks Desktop 2018?

In order to supercharge the performance of your accounting team, you can get the all new and powerful QuickBooks Desktop 2018. And, to get enhanced version of QuickBooks 2018, you need to convert the existing company file. Here are a few things that you need to know before converting a company file for QuickBooks 2018:

  • QuickBooks data conversion can only be done by a authorized Administrator
  • Never upgrade QuickBooks company file over a network
  • The upgraded QuickBooks company file can be only opened in the new QuickBooks version
  • Data converted for the Enterprise version of QuickBooks will not work in Pro or Premier



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