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Quit your Job and Live in an RV

Updated on March 16, 2011


Are you sick of your job with the traffic, office politics, stress, etc? There are other options in life including living in an R.V. and traveling around the country.

Living in an R.V.

 If your tired of your job maybe you should look for other alternatives including living in an R.V.

The book "Take back your life! Travel full-time in an R.V. is an excellent guide to quitting your job and travelling around the country while making money at stops.  It is a step by step guide to preparing for a new life aboard ab R.V. and shows you what the realities are.

An often overlooked feature of R.V. living is that most books on the subject talk very little about making money while traveing.  This book will show you all the different income sources and show you how to plan your trip a week at a time while making money to pay for you expenese.

Another feature of the book shows the daily lifestyle of the authors and how to lay out your R.V. to maximize its space and make it an enjoyable lifestyle.  This is an all around great book on quitting your job and travelling in an R.V.


 Live your life now, if you don't like your job quit and life in an R.V.  Reading the book Take back your life will get you to this laid back lifestyle.


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