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RV dreaming

Updated on June 19, 2016
My new home!
My new home!

The problem with plans....

I was planning to move to another state, start over, and take a break from the mental health was time! Time to put myself and my dreams first. plans involved a Uhaul and renting a house. But then again my plan before that was to buy a house in the state I wanted to move to, and well that plan changed as well.....

So with my current house packed up, the trip mapped out, the rental truck tentatively set wonderful boyfriend went to a dealership with the "plan" on buying a new vehicle since his was recently totaled. Then it happens...I get a text while at work..."we need to talk when you get home"...well this can't be good, or am I the only cynic out there?! I get home from work, fretting the entire way home by the way, about what it could possibly be about....

An RV..."the Majestic" to be exact....Now we had talked about dreams and goals for the future. Small house living, simplifying our lives, living and not working to live, etc etc. I made it very clear a while back, I'm not RV living without a full bedroom in the back. I have 2 dogs, and my boyfriends has 3, yes 3 little girls that visit in the summer. I need my space, which I am aware is the opposite of what an RV offers. And so here I am, presented with yet again another of my boyfriends crazy ideas. So I bust out the "pro/con list". What I don't think he was expecting was for me to jump on board, because I'm the more practical one of the two. But this time, it wasn't a crazy idea. It would save us a significant amount of money and since I would be taking a SIGNIFICANT pay cut to "follow my dreams" but we still wanted but a house, the idea of buying an RV and living in it for 10 months to a year wasn't impractical at all. I have been wanting, no needing, to simplify my life, de-clutter, cleanse my soul if you will. This was my answer! So when I jumped not only on the RV living wagon, but with both feet first...well it threw my boyfriend off balance.

And here we are...with about a month to do what needs to be done to get us "ready". Problem with that is, I'm a creative soul, and if I'm going to be living in an RV, I want it to look like a home, not an RV. I'm a woman, so I inherently have to be difficult, although that is subjective.

Every place we have looked to park our RV is worried that my dogs are "barkers". I get it, the dogs that bark at EVERYTHING. Yep that would be what my dogs are and sure it gets on my nerves but I ignore them like parents do their whiny kids in a store that want everything. So when there is a potential issue, I try to find a solution. I took to Pinterest, as i do everything when I need a solution. Article upon article pointed me to Reflectix for both sound proofing and an insulator for the winter time. But then I thought, how am I going to hide the Reflectix so my RV doesn't look like something out of the "Twilight Zone". That's where my new idea of adding wall paneling on top of the Reflectix came...

Lets back track a bit.. I also wanted the RV giving the illusion that it looks bigger than it really is. I took the idea from when you have a really small bathroom and paint it white so the natural light and the light color gives the perception of a bigger room. Needless to say, I now have my boyfriend looking at me like I have three heads, because I wanted to try to pull this off in a month. Luckily, we were able to push back our move date, giving me a few more days in order to accomplish this gigantic task.....

Rocky's ready for the new adventure!
Rocky's ready for the new adventure!


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