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Real Internet Income

Updated on September 27, 2010

It seems that every day I receive another Internet business opportunity email. They all sound good, but generally promise way more than seems possible. The truth is that Internet income production is hard work. You can create a recession proof income as I have that is entirely Internet based as has little to no overhead. However, this is not going to make you rich, but will provide you with enough income to live on simply. This I also a good way to get started in creating income online as it will keep cash flow consistent and keep you happy.

Writing Content Online

The most direct source of income that I have found is writing articles and content online. All companies are not created equal, and sites such as Hubpages pay the least of most of the sites I write for. Keep in mind that Hubpages is still part of my writing income, however, which I will break down here in a second. The important thing to do is diversify your writing across a few sites that pay upfront for content and sites that pay a residual income for life. This balance will reap significant rewards over time, but give you the upfront cash you need. Here is the breakdown of writing sites that I use and what provides me with my Internet income.

Upfront Payment

The three companies I use for upfront payments are Demand Studios, Associated Content, and

Demand Studios

I choose assignments for Demand Studios that pay $15 upfront for content titles that they distribute to authors who want to claim these titles. I choose 10 titles per day and write all 10 in about 5-6 hours. At first, I was not able to do this and each title would take at least 1 hour to complete, but after a few months, I have become more attune to the Demand Studios writing style (APA format) and perform my assignments with about a 70% acceptance rating without a rewrite. Editors send back material that needs polishing and you either choose to edit the assignment, or do nothing with it. Editors have the right to not approve your assignments and you only get one rewrite. With this site, I can usually make between $400-$650 per week and I get paid every single Tuesday and Friday through Paypal. This is a pretty good system, keeping income liquid at all times.

Associated Content

While the upfront payments for Associated Content are low (between $2/article t0 $10/article), the articles you write that you give exclusive rights to AC (associated Content) also make residual monthly income based on page views. You are paid $1.50 per 1,000 page views at first, but the pay level increases as more and more people visit your work and can increase up to $2.00 per 1,000 page views. I have been writing hear since March and average around $100/week from this site.


This site pays the highest, but is the hardest for me to write for because I typically write about home improvement, finance and investing, and fitness. These are not typical topics that are covered in Seed assignments. However, they pay $50.00 per assignment and they only take about an hour to complete making this and extremely profitable site. I confess that I have only written 4 articles for seed, but this quick $200 was approved in 5 days and was in my Paypal account by the end of the week. While I am new to Seed, I plan on making at least $50/week from this sight, keeping my commitment low, but allowing me to gain some extra income.

Total Weekly Income From Upfront Payment Sites

If you total all of this together, I make roughly $800.00/week in upfront payments from these sites. Some weeks it is closer to $600, some it is over $1,000. Either way, this is OK for my particular lifestyle and the Midwestern area of the country I live.

Residual Income Sites

These sites allow you to continue to make money for a significant period of time, some for life, which pretty much means as long as they are in business.  The following sites are my favorite ones that are proven to produce residual income:


Hubpages is by far my favorite residual income site, as I can write a significant amount in a short amount of time.  I also find the contributors on this site are much more knowledgeable than some other sites and tend to stick to topics that they know, making the community a bit more knowledgeable also.  All of my income from Hubpages is from google, which does not amount to much, but a I also have under 100 articles so I do not expect much.  The $2-$4 per day I make comes in like clockwork and every few months I get a check from Google.  There are a lot of other affiliate sites you can use, I have just not taken the time to set up the accounts within hubpages.

Suite 101

While suite 101 used to drive me crazy and I have produced very little content for it, it amazes me on how many hits I get with absolutely no community interaction and not linking any of the articles (because this is against Suite 101 policy).  This is low, but I only have 20 artilces and make about $10/month. 

Creating Content for residual income sites is not something that brings in steady income right away for most Internet writers that I have talked to.  This is something that you write an article a day per site to build up your content library and create more pieces for people to read.  The more people that read your content, the better chance that they will click on your advertising and this is how you make money. 

This article is based on my writing experience over the last 9 months.  My original income was around $200 per month and now is around $3,200 per month on average.  While this is not an amount of income that is very substantial, it requires no cost, can be done at home or at a library, and takes 8 hours a day or less.  This is also an income jump of 93.75% in just 9 months or a 10.4% increase per month.  I challenge anyone to start a business that has this type of potential monthly growth. 

As you can see, this will not make you rich, but will provide you with steady income for as long as you need it to with little to no investment... except for time.


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    • RVDaniels profile image

      RVDaniels 6 years ago from Athens, GA

      Hi there! Did you actually say you make $3200 monthly writing content for revenue share and upfront pay sites? You must be an extremely prolific writer and one who does not sleep much. Thanks for an interesting read and God bless you.

    • kayrod profile image

      kayrod 7 years ago from Northridge, CA

      This is useful hub for those of us who like writing and choose to make money from it.

      Thanks for the tips.

    • rdlang05 profile image

      rdlang05 7 years ago from Minnesota

      Very useful hub. Thank you for this. Voted Up!