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Reasons to Question and Call your Credit Card Company

Updated on January 27, 2012

Are you being billed fairly for your credit card purchases?

It is a good idea to always stay on top of your credit card billing. I would like to think they always are 100% accurate in their billing, and that no one else would every abuse private information to use against you for their own purposes. The problem is, that errors do occur in billing on occasion and if you are not vigilant and don't catch these errors, you still pay for them even if they weren't your fault. That is not necessary, and I want to share some legitimate reasons you would call or contact your credit card company about concerns about your statement.

There are a number of things that you might see on your credit card statement that should be red flags to look into. Don't be too busy to miss these potential problems.

* Do you see an incorrect interest rate being applied to your purchases? If you think so, call and find out what is going on.

* Is there a charge on your account that you did not make, or authorize to be made? The sooner you act on this the better, as someone may have your information and may be purchasing more with it.

I have an example to share on this point in particular. My husband noticed one time, a very small charge on his card that he didn't recognize. It was well under five dollars even. He thought about it, and realized quickly that it wasn't right. He called them, and it was someone else that somehow got use of his card or account. He was then made aware, that this is how things begin. These thieves start of very small, and work their way up to larger amounts. They do so especially with people that never seem to check or are too busy to check. They get away with quite a lot. Don't let a false three dollar charge be the beginning of something bigger.

* Do you see a possible error in your balance amount? Ask about it, and find out. Perhaps you forgot that you used it here or there, which is easy to do.

August Macke Art
August Macke Art

More things to be on the lookout for.

* Did you receive a late charge, yet know you sent payment in plenty of time to easily make the deadline? If so, call and find out what that is about. Often, you can learn a lot about your credit cards rules, or find out about changes that you may have missed.

* Did your credit limit drop or something else change that just seems odd, with no notification of any changes? That is a good reason to call as well.

* Do you see various charges for unwanted services or products? Such a service like credit card protection may sound nice, but if you didn't approve that and are being charged, that isn't right and you can ask them to remove that charge immediately.

There are other situations where you may want to call and just inquire about any suspicious activity on your card, or just questions from something that you don't really understand. Most credit card companies are understanding to such questions, and want their customers to be feel safe with them. Give them a chance to explain, but do not allow unwanted activity or unfair charges to be applied to you without your permission.

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Poll on Credit Card Errors

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