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Recycle Laptop and Electronics for Cash

Updated on July 12, 2011

Get out your used electronics, it's time to recycle them.

Do you have a used laptop that you'd like to recycle? How about cell phones? How many of those useless paperweights do you have tucked away in junk drawers? Go ahead and check right now, I'll wait....

How many were there? I'm sure it was more than one, probably two or three. Did you possibly come across any used or old PDA's, blackberries, gaming consoles, cameras, GSP devices, etc.? I'll bet that you have a handful of used electronics gadgets stashed away in your house. Well, it's time to make some extra cash by recycling them. There's a company called Gazelle that will pay you money for recycling a whole host of electronic devices.

Here's why recycling your old electronics is such a good idea:


1. You clear up space in your house

2. You get paid for used gadgets and electronics that you don't need.

3. You help the environment by reducing junk in the landfills

4. You don't have to pay a dime to recycle these electronics.

How easy is it to recycle my used electronics?

Deceptively simple. Give Gazelle a try and see how much they'll offer you for recycling your laptop and other gadgets. I tried it myself and got a quote of $89 for a Dell laptop that is 3 years old. Although I didn't get offered any cash for my old cell phones because they were all non-operable they did accept them for recycling. They sent me the packaging and paid for the shipping - it didn't cost me anything. It only took about 2 minutes to answer the questions about my items and to receive an instant quote.

However, be sure that you answer these questions accurately. If you don't, they will adjust the payment to what they think the item is truly worth after they receive it. But, that's to be expected and certainly fair if you weren't honest in answering the questions about your item.

There are also a few companies, such as Cells for Cash, that specialize only in recycling cell phones. So, you might want to compare to see which gives you the better offer. But, Gazelle buys and recycles all kinds of electronic gadgets, including cell phones. I think it's a bit more convenient to do all of your electronic recycling in one place rather than across many sites.

Give them a try and put a little extra cash in your pocket this month.

Recycle used electronics with Gazelle


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    • profile image

      Laptop Recycler 7 years ago

      Recycling a laptop is easy. There are many different companies who can recycle laptops in uk. One of these amongst others is called IT Recycling UK and they offer the laptop recycling service nationwide.

    • profile image

      Peter Enmore 7 years ago

      This is a great idea. I love when there are incentives for people to recycle their old electronics. SO many electronics just go to waste in the dump.

    • lemarquis72 profile image

      lemarquis72 7 years ago

      No, I don't think Gazelle recycles products from the UK. USA only unfortunately.

    • profile image

      lauren 8 years ago

      do you recycle laptops from the uk, if you do how much would i be looking at for a HP pavillion, 2 years of age?x