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Updated on February 15, 2017

Got Cans? By MEproduction, college students

Perks for Recycling

It's not a secret that many people are struggling financially these days. I've ran into people who were working maybe two years ago, and can't seem to find steady work. They submit applications all over the place and just can't find a fit. These people consider themselves as unemployed, though they are actually working. I discovered they were very creative, and hard working. Some recycled on a regular basis, and some sold at flea markets, or sold cosmetics like Avon products.

You have probably seen them too, those hard working pulling heaving carts of cans and bottles down the street. You thought to yourself, "They can't be making a lot of money". I cleaned out my storage area, a couple of years ago. It was all my recycling. I stood in line behind people, like the ones mentioned above. Most had two carts full of bottle and cans. I talked to them, about their haul. I realized people ignore them like they do dirty homeless people sitting on the curb.

The people I talked to are very hard working aggressive people. They not only help the environment, they earn money. I asked a guy does he do this on a regular basis, he said yes. I guessed he made about $20.00, a day. He grinned and said,"I actually make on an average $45.00 a day". I told him he should keep records. The recycling attendant has you supply your name and he documents how much you're paid. I asked him if he filed taxes, he said he didn't because he didn't have a job. I told him he WORKED, and harder than some people. He made more than some Fast Food workers I've known. He said he didn't know what to call his job, I told him he could try;"Professional Scavenger or Professional Recycler".

I also discovered that a lot of these individuals are not aware of Earned Income Credit, or EITC. If you make less than a certain amount you may be due a tax credit or refund. You need to check with your state's Franchise Tax Board. It varies from state to state. The Federal guidelines are different, but i know people to get credits or refunds. Some of the rules are you have to be, "Gainfully employed". I think that consistently making $45.00 a day would qualify you, if you keep records. You can check the with the IRS at,

The most important part is to keep records, filing your taxes will put you on the map. It will declare that you are self-employed, instead of unemployed. As I mentioned above, keep good records and make sure the assistant has your name written down correctly. This could be the start of financial independence for you. You could start an online blog about your daily adventures, recycling and get paid for that too.

I Recycle to....

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  • peachpurple profile image

    peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

    True, in our country,many old folks and young men also go door to door collecting cans, paper boxes and plastic containers to recyclectr. They earn at least $100 per day.