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Rental Insurance, Get Some!

Updated on July 22, 2012

Renters Insurance-Get It Today

Read the fine print for your policy make sure your most valued items are covered
Read the fine print for your policy make sure your most valued items are covered

Renters Insurance

I just purchased renters insurance for the first time, and after going through the process I am going to share what I have discovered to pass it on to others to use.

Long story short I have a friend who did not have renters insurance and there was a fire and he lost all of his things and the damage was major. If he would of had renters insurance most if not all of his things could of been replaced.

So this example I am using is for myself. Everybody should prepare for the unexpected with affordable renters insurance. Just like you have car insurance or life insurance, renters insurance should be considered if you are renting. You know LIFE happens and there's no telling when a break-in, a fire or hurricane could strike your residence. You could be a student, or have a family, it doesn't matter, you need to make sure that your possessions are covered.

I can't speak for any specific company about what they cover and don't cover that is up to you to make sure you ask the important questions. Don't be afraid to ask What if this happens, or what if that happens. You need to know the answers to those type of questions.

Renters insurance can cover some high rise fires. Imagine if there is a fire downstairs and it is put out in time, but the smoke comes up into your home and damages all of your possessions. Renters insurance could cover those type of damages. A lightning strike could fry every electronic device in your house. Home burglary can damage your home as well as the theft of your valuable possessions.

Renters insurance could also cover hurricanes, ice, sleet, and snow damage. I had another friend who had a metal front door and it was really cold one day and his front door was frozen shut! He had to basically rip the door off just to get out of the house. Yes he was locked in.

Along with your renters insurance it will probably come with property coverage and personal liability coverage. You know for those friends of friends that come into your house and accidentally slip on your kitchen floor. You will be covered.

Give yourself peace of mind with knowing that you are covered. My renters insurance policy cost me $74 year......

Yes that is a year. I paid it up front. Most places will allow you to make a payment plan, it just depends on what level of coverage you are looking for. But think about the things you value the most like your electronics, jewelry, PDA's, mp3 players, clothing, TV's, computers, and other things of value.

The owner of your dwelling has his/her own insurance, but it doesn't cover you. If you are renting, please research and get some insurance.


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