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Ryanair Cheap Flights

Updated on December 9, 2012
Ryanair cheap flights Jet
Ryanair cheap flights Jet

Ryanair is currently the world's most profitable airline, and they offer cheap flights that you have to book online.

If you go to their website, you will often find flights for as cheap as a penny, or a eurocent, or whatever the smallest denomination in your currency is.

Make sure you read all the small print, because hidden charges will push your penny flight up a LOT. Like paying £20 for hold luggage, or for checking in, or for going over their weight allowance which is the lowest out of all the airlines.

There has recently been talk about them charging to use the toilet facilities on board the plane, and you can already expect to pay through the nose for drinks or meals on board.

To make money, they always offer not only duty -free or special price items to buy on the plane, but a scratch-card too. They must make a fortune off the scratch cards, though perhaps not as I seldom see anyone buying them.

Ryanair cheap flights are maybe not as cheap as you first think!

I have flown Ryanair several times and am fascinated to learn that they play a jingle on landing, followed by the message "Another Ryanair plane landed on time."

Wow! Must be that we've never landed on time, yet Ryanair claim their planes land on time 90% of the time.

Ryanair Cheap Flights song by Fascinating Aida

If you want to find out where Ryanair planes fly to and from, or to book a flight, I suggest you go to where you can book online.

In fact, I do not know of any other way to fly Ryanair except through booking directly from them online.

I quite like Ryanair.

Despite their host of extra charges, it is still possible to buy a cheap flight from them, and many a time I have flown from Scotland to Spain for around £25, which is amazing when you consider the journey is 2000 miles and would take three days by road, about £200 worth of petrol, £100 worth of road tolls, and another £100 on the Channel ferry over to France.

If you are prepared to travel light, they are a great way to fly at a great price. Ryanair cheap flights have become the butt of jokes,some of which I have brought to you below.

On this video listen out for the Ryanair 'on time' jingle.

I have yet to hear to it, but then I have flown Ryanair less than half a dozen times. The last time I flew Ryanair we were stuck on the tarmac at Alicante Airport for over an hour (along with 6 other Ryanair flights). To be fair to Ryanair, it's not their fault that the French air traffic controllers were on strike again.

This Monty Python clip has nothing to do with Ryanair, but it's funny and so I just thought I'd include it.

Ryanair cheap flights joke

In the spirit of "It's Funny", I just throught I would add this joke - no offence intended to Ryanair or its staff.

A man is sitting in an airport bar when a beautiful woman walks in, in uniform, and sits down at a table next to him.

He decides to try and chat her up.

he has no idea as to which airline her uniform represented, so he decided to guess by quoting the airline's motto.

"We love to fly and it shows", he says, quoting Delta Airlines' catchphrase.

She looked blank.

He tried again.

"Winning the hearts of the world", he said, Air France's motto.

Again she looked blank.

Quoting Malaysian Airlines, he said "Going beyond expectations".

This time, she looked annoyed, and said

"What the f... do you want?"

"Ahhh...he said, Ryanair!"

Many thanks to whoever thought that one up! It certainly made me smile!


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