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How Americans Are Surviving A Recession

Updated on September 24, 2012


Is like a never ending story: Parents, students, families, a nation; Houses for sale, deficit in our government, no job openings at all.

Where have all our buying power has gone?

Warning, warning, red flag! The first warning was received after the year 2000. The second one was after September 11, 2001. The third one after the House mortgage downfall.

If you add the money that has been sent to Iraq and Afghanistan, then... slightly, we were heading into a long term recession.

Do you think your local Politician was going to warn you? Not on an election year.

Even as we write this hub, Republicans and Democrats cannot have a bipartisan consensus. All they want is to get 'water for their waterwheel.'

Business as usual or mind your own business...

After world war II, our foreign policy was directed to start a new world order. America was not for Americans anymore. Our global interest increased beyond the limits of the Cold war era. But slowly diminish´╗┐ our own potentiality as a society. Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and perhaps the next target, will become a part in the puzzle of our own debt.

Trying to condense in a hub important and practical advice cannot be taken slightly. Here we came with essential advice, that could save you from getting into the deep hole.

Here are some handy recommendations for you and for us.



With so many foreclosures, furniture, clothing and everyday wearing most likely will end up in these premises. You can find lots of bargains there; just check on your favorite search engine.


If you have something you can give away, post it nicely to your neighbors or close friends. There is no need to have money in between. Maybe 'that' person has something you always wanted and was too expensive at the time. FaceBook has his own apps and diverse channels to get your word out.


Don't matter if you are Jewish, Catholic or Orthodox. Probably non-denominal. You can offer your expertise as a good Samaritan and certainly some churches need lots of help to help others.


Use Craigslist for a service you can offer, from Nannie to wedding planner, from guitar lessons teacher to Mechanic, you will get something in that world. Your local laundry or corner store can help you to get noticed too. Monster dot com, or even EBay or Amazon are a bonus for this advice.


You need to improve your working skills. This is the millennium of IT technology. Your local dentist or radiologist had to catch up as well.


Did you know that these stores can deliver to your house by the dozen or... boxes? Exactly, they are the next source of your next Garage sale. Be imaginative, squeeze in your left overs from last Christmas.


Learn how to fix your neighbors Ipod or Ipad's. Just go online and check those tutorials on YouTube. Can you design a website? How about the next facebook with custom made music? If you want to leave little business cards on your neighbors' mail box, fine! Maybe you can mow the lawn for some bucks.

How about Tattooing? Ops! Sorry moms!! Can any one make some crafty designs from plastic bottles?. I have some left overs from shopping at Family dollar. Who can paint a porch?


Nothing better than a kind heart. We were created to do good and be good. Be on the look out for giving a lending hand.


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