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Eat Out Often? Enjoy Saving Money By Eating at Home

Updated on June 16, 2009

Benefits of Eating at Home Allows you to Save Money

While many people like to eat out for the simple fact of being able to save time and not have to worry about cooking you will quickly realize the benefits of being able to eat at home. I know that I used to eat out every so often, but here recently it has become a rare occurrence to eat out and I have found the benefits of being able to eat at home.

The first benefit that I have found of eating at home is that I am able to save a ton of money. Now if you take into consideration that a restaurant is a business it is obviously going to have a price mark up to ensure that they make a profit like any business. However, if you make the same item at your home granted you might not have the seasoning perfect, but you will be able to enjoy a similar meal that cost in what I have seen half of the cost that the restaurant charges.

The second benefit is that you are able to create your own meal ideas and combine ingredients that you might not have normally thought about trying. SO you will have a wide range of flexibility that you will not have elsewhere. So if you want to try putting Chocolate in Lasagna you can do that. So the flexibility that you have is wide and varied so that you can do what you want and make combinations that you want to try.

The third benefit that you can enjoy of cooking at home is that you will know exactly what is in the meals. So if you eat somewhere and do not like the seasoning you will be able to have them take it off the next time, but if you use that same seasoning at home you will be able to take it off of your shelf and learn more about what each seasoning taste like.

The fourth benefit of eating at home is if you have kids you do not have to worry about ordering them a meal then hoping that they eat some of it or feel like you just wasted your money by ordering them a meal. I know that my kids are nicknamed in one restaurant the condiment kids because all they eat is the ranch dressing no matter what meal I order for them.

While many people still enjoy eating out all the time some people are starting to understand the benefits of eating at home as well. I know that for me I have found great joy in eating at home and being able to make my own food and control the seasoning and what is going into the food.

Cookbooks to Help You Cook at Home From Amazon

Rachael Ray's Big Orange Book: Her Biggest Ever Collection of All-New 30-Minute Meals Plus Kosher Meals, Meals for One, Veggie Dinners, Holiday Favorites, and Much More!
Rachael Ray's Big Orange Book: Her Biggest Ever Collection of All-New 30-Minute Meals Plus Kosher Meals, Meals for One, Veggie Dinners, Holiday Favorites, and Much More!

In the 10 years since she served up her first 30-minute meal--and thousands of delectable dinners later--Rachael Ray has learned just about all there is to know about getting a great tasting meal on the table in a hurry, whether it is one of her patented 30-minute miracles or something just a tad more involved for a special gathering. Rachael’s Big Orange Book is the ultimate resource for busy cooks. Need kitchen inspiration? It’s all here and it’s all new--and bigger than ever!

Just one for dinner tonight? Forget the cold cereal. Rach has a chapter of recipes that make dining on your own a thoroughly civilized occasion, with great meals that won’t leave you with a fridge full of leftovers. Vegetarians on the guest list? No problem! Choose from dozens of meat-free meals that are every bit as satisfying as your tried-and-true standards and savory enough to please the carnivores in your crowd. Observing a Kosher menu? Check out the selection of menus just for Kosher cooks, all ready in less than, you guessed it, 30 minutes. There's even a mother lode of burger recipes for fans of the bun—so many options you could make a different burger every day for a full month!

In addition to her latest 30-minute creations, Rachael has put together an array of menus and recipes for easy entertaining, from quick snacks to serve for game night and easy hors d’oeuvres, to soup-to-nuts menus for her favorite holidays and special occasions. Whip up a pasta buffet for a special mom on Mother’s Day, please a crowd with a super-simple Oscar party menu, and give thanks for not one but four fantastic menus that keep holiday stress to a minimum by getting you out of the kitchen in record time.

Best of all, these recipes have all the huge flavors you’ve come to expect from Rachael, with something to please every taste--and every food budget. You’ll even find the treasured family recipes that Rachael and her husband, John, have enjoyed for years; see if they don’t become beloved family traditions in your home as well. Whether this is your first introduction to cooking the 30-minute way or you are a long-time convert, you’ll find irresistible new recipes here to make the most of every second you spend in the kitchen.



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    • chicamom85 profile image

      chicamom85 8 years ago

      I love to cook and since we have food allergies and my husband is diabetic, cooking at home is a good choice for us. I do have to admit that I still like to go out once in a while but we eat at home most often.