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Save Money Carrying A Water Bottle

Updated on April 26, 2015
Water Bottle
Water Bottle

How Much Do You Spend On Thirst

Everyone gets thirsty for water during the day, so why not cut the costs by utilizing a portable container, instead of purchasing a costly plastic spout of H2O.

For some, this could save more than just a few dollars a week. Nobody should have to spend hard earned dollars on drinking water, especially buying at the prices store owners have inflated.

One of the of the easiest ways to pinch a few pennies or dollars out of that weekly paycheck and definitely is becoming more popular among water drinkers everyday is to drink common filtered household water.

Another advantage with drinking from portable liquid containers is that they can be used over and over with just the usual washing between uses.

There are a variety of styles and colors that companies offer today. If having a water bottle that matches your clothing is important then having several different colors might be a good idea.

This can also be helpful if each person in the household like to only use his or her color giving them a more personal item.

Get a water bottle that fits your needs. To large of a water bottle can make it to bulky or heavy to carry. Try to choose a size that's right for you or the kids for the particular event. Having a couple different sizes can also helpful.

I prefer a water bottle with a large top big enough to put ice into and this helps keep my water cold. The other type is a stainless steel more sleek model used for when I carry my backpack and saves on space. I also have one with my favorite movie series and football team.

The sports teams, movie themes, and logos are great gifts and responsibly cheap to buy.

Another Great Time Saver

By using a washable water bottle you can reduce the amount of bottle deposits that need to be redeemed at the store. This means less time spent collecting all the leftovers and using up valuable time. This only applies to certain states or countries that collect deposits.

Some states like New York, began charging a .05ยข deposit for each regularly purchased 16 ounce bottle of water.

So what happens a lot of times when people are finished drinking, they will recycle or throw away the bottle not only leaving the unreturned deposit for the state slush fund, but also just cost you money.

It's a good idea to have plenty of water bottles around for supplying a cool drink when on walks, hikes, bike trips, going to sporting events, driving to work, attending school outings, band practice wherever you go and might need a cool sip of water you can save money by packing a water jug.


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    • WoodsmensPost profile image

      WoodsmensPost 7 years ago from Arizona

      travel_man1971: With the prices that retailers are charging today for the cost of water, It has become outrageous. Getting a tap water filter if neeeded and carring a water bottle puts much more money in your pocket,if you like to drink water and who doesn't. Thanks :=) Take the time to save

    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 7 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      This is truly a great saver and a perfect hub for the thrift ones, like me. I used to carry water in my backpack, too