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Save Money on Energy Bills

Updated on April 13, 2012

Spend More Time Outdoors, Enjoy Nature!

How to Save Money on Energy Bills

Lifestyle... and Weather

It is relatively easy to save money on energy bills if you make a few small changes in your lifestyle.

The easiest change during the colder months is to turn off your heater at night and use more blankets. Start the heater up again in the morning for a couple hours then turn it off until the afternoon.

Also, if you put heavy drapes in front of the windows it will keep cold out and heat in, so that you can increase your energy efficiency to a great degree.

In the summertime, the best way to save money is to have the air conditioning on during the day and keep your windows open at night if you are in an area where the air is colder in the evenings. Also, to keep cool, it is a good idea to always have ice on hand or even buy an ice machine if you can afford one. This way you will always keep cool by drinking lots of fluids and you will require less electricity to cool the air around you.

Make sure that your home is fully weather-proofed by checking your windows for leaks of air and repairing these as soon as possible. Also check your doors for weather stripping and replace anything that is old, or worn out. Sometimes there is a little draft of air that comes under the doors. There are little bean bag style stuffed animal characters that fit nicely across your doorway that you can sometimes find in catalogs, on E-Bay or in your local arts and crafts fairs.

Grandma Was Right...

Ok, so we don't always want to admit it... but

Grandma Was Right!

Another way to save money is to keep all appliances unplugged when they are not in use. Even if they are not being used, a small amount of electricity is still going into the plug, and into your appliance. Look around your kitchen and make sure that you are not wasting electricity and your precious, hard earned money by keeping them plugged in: toaster oven, toaster, blender, waffle iron, coffee pot, popcorn maker, coffee grinder, crock pot, dutch oven, microwave, etc.

When not in use, also turn off your television, computer, printer, fax machine and radio. Also, remember to unplug them to save money. Also look in your bathrooms and make sure that your keep your curling irons, straightening irons and blow dryers unplugged too.

A great way to save money is to choose one day a week when you decide to have absolutely no electronic entertainment whatsoever. Turn off your TV, radio and computer. Have a TV free day. Maybe Sunday will be your day for this. Invite your friends over or go out to the park and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Maybe work out or do yoga in the park with your family or go for a nice bike ride. When you get home in the evening, play board games or card games with your children or friends instead. Enjoy a good old fashioned conversation for a nice change of pace. Or curl up in the corner with a nice book or a stack of magazines you have been meaning to get to for weeks.

No matter what, enjoy your life and save money too!

You will have more fun spending that money on your self or your family than giving it to the utility company!

Always Keeping Cool,

Mermaid Girl


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    • kashmir56 profile image

      Thomas Silvia 5 years ago from Massachusetts

      Awesome hub with all great ideas within it to save money every month on our heating and electric bills.

      Vote up and more !!!